Saturday 11 March 2017

Forthcoming UAF & local TUC mobilisations against fascist splinter groups

Despite being on the fringes of political events, fascist groups aim to demonstrate across the UK, in the coming weeks. Unite Against Fascism (UAF) with others, are organising to ensure, that, here, unlike elsewhere in Europe, the far right do not get a toehold in any part of Britain. The far right remain fragmented and internally divisive, in no small part, due to anti fascists efforts.
The tiny force that is the National Front, despite constant splits, propose a ‘White Pride’ march in Edinburgh, on March 25th. Their last attempt at such an obscenity ended in failure, in Swansea, last year. Wales UAF strongly outnumbered the 50 strong fascist flop. UAF Scotland with others will, on the back of the March 18th demonstration,  be looking to continue their fine tradition of stopping fascists in the capital city.
    UAF Scotland are aware that this may be a ruse to host a Nazi themed, Blood and Honour gig. Thus, venues will be asked to stay on guard in case of fascist attempts to use premises for a fascist fundraiser.
Details of the anti fascist demonstration are here, Edinburgh –
      April 1st is when the Islamophobes of Britain First ‘protest’ against a proposal to turn a former pub into a mosque in Darwen, Lancashire. Britain First’s (who are linked to the murderer of Jo Cox, Thomas Mair)  last efforts in Telford, in the West Midlands, last month, despite a national call out and weeks of work, resulted in no more than 120 racists attending. Local UAF members, Muslims and the TUC matched the fascists.
North West UAF and colleagues in the local TUC will be distributing leaflets in Darwen, maintaining years of consistent, regional work to try to ensure that Britain First stay at their pitiable level.
For Details of a Darwen counter protest, please watch this space.
   In the East Midlands, people in Derby are the latest to have to prepare for a visit by what’s left of the English Defence League (EDL). As reported elsewhere on this site, Rotherham UAF/TUC saw off the 85 EDL members recently,
The EDL give no ostensible reason for threatening to bring their toxic racism to the city. Derby has a long history of undermining fascists, and Derby UAF and Stand Up To Racism are looking to see that the EDL will leave as weakened as when they arrive. Details here-
         British fascists have been forced into a situation where none of their current outings raises more than the hardcore. UAF and allies in trades unions and the Muslim communities, alongside others, will continue to oppose fascist attempts to grow

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