Friday 7 April 2017

Birmingham UAF Demonstration/Rally – No to the fascist EDL

Birmingham Unite Against Fascism are organising a demonstration and rally in the city centre, tomorrow, Saturday. This is as a result of the fascist group, the English Defence League (EDL), trying to cynically make capital out of the appalling events of the Westminster attack, last month. This follows from the EDL’s failure in London, last weekend, to gain supporters, where just 54 Islamophobes were able to march, due to huge police numbers. Anti fascists, including UAF, opposed them, whenever possible (more elsewhere, on this site).

The hideous actions of  Khalid Masood have today, claimed a fifth victim, Andreea Cristea.
Birmingham UAF extends our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families. There can be no justification for such horror.
Sickeningly, in their haste to incite Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims, the EDL called a demonstration in Birmingham. That the killer of the innocents in London recently lived in Winson Green, is the EDL’s sick reasoning for their latest, racist endeavour. Their sole motivation is to ferment hatred of Muslims.

Birmingham is  of course, a strongly multicultural city, has united against fascists such as the EDL, before and will do so again. UAF calls on all anti fascists and anti racists to join us in Victoria Square from 1pm – 4pm where MPs, Trade Union reps and artists invite all people of goodwill to stand in solidarity against the EDL – our unity is our strength.

Come and celebrate the solidarity of our vibrant city, as against the poisonous fascism of the rump that is the EDL Facebook event page, here,

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