Thursday 27 April 2017

Le Pen, Trump and the rise of racism – UAF rally, London, May 2

Anti-fascists gather on the protest against Nazi Marine Le Pen (Pic: Kelvin Williams )
Pic – Kelvin Williams
The fascist Front National’s Marine Le Pen entry into the second round of the French Presidential elections, is sending alarm  across the anti-fascist movement.

Le Pen’s advance fits with a pattern of growing support for the racist right from Trump’s  election in the US to Theresa May’s anti-immigrant ‘hard Brexit’ here.

Racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are at record levels, with hate crimes up 41% in Britain after the referendum and a crackdown on migrant and minority rights in Britain and across Europe accompanying the toxic rhetoric. Le Pen has ‘temporarily’ stepped down as FN leader. Her ‘replacement’ is someone who questioned the existence of the Nazi gas chambers in the Holocaust…

Fascists in the UK have been pushed back by UAF and others. However, we are not complacent. Denis Godard will be coming from France to talk,  the day after a key anti Le Pen demonstration in Paris.  Denis has been heavily involved with recent anti fascist activities, particularly after last Sunday’s election result. The prospect of a party with its roots in Vichy France is a horrifying one, especially for Muslims and minorities. 

As France prepares for the second round and Britain begins the general election campaign, how can we stop the march of the racism and the far-right?

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Facebook event page here,

Speakers include: Claude Moraes MEP
Collette Levy – Hidden child from the Nazis in Vichy France
Azad Ali, MEND
Gerry Gable – Editor – Searchlight Magazine
Denis Godard – French anti fascist activist
Weyman Bennett – UAF
Sabby Dhalu – Stand up to Racism

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