Monday 24 April 2017

TONIGHT: Stop Le Pen! No to the return of fascism in Europe.

TONIGHT: Stop Le Pen! No to the return of fascism in Europe. 6pm, French Embassy London SW7 2EN
The advance of Marine Le Pen to the second round of the French Presidential election is a call to arms for anti-fascists across Europe.
UAF is organising a protest at the French Embassy from 6pm on Monday April 24 (facebook event here), and a London rally at Conway Hall on May 2nd at 7pm (facebook event here)
Le Pen recently denied the role of the wartime Vichy puppet government in rounding up Jews for the Nazis. She claimed that the infamous Vald’Hiv affair, where Jews were corralled before being sent to death camps, was not France’s responsibility. Jewish groups described this claim as an ‘insult to France’. Her father and founder of the FN, Jean Marie Le Pen was notorious for downplaying the Holocaust, describing it as a “mere detail of history”.
Le Pen has frequently attacked Muslims, at one time comparing Muslims praying in the streets to the Nazi occupation. She  has called for the headscarf to be banned, for the banning of non-pork meals in French schools, and for the surveillance of French mosques.
We call for all who oppose fascism to join us tonight in beginning the fightback ahead of the second round.

RALLY: Stop Le Pen – Halt the rise of fascism in Europe
Tuesday 2nd May 7pm  – Conway Hall Central London
Alongside Islamophobia and anti-migrant rhetoric in France and emboldened by Donald Trump’s win, the Front National’s Marine Le Pen is in the strongest position in the party’s history after the first round of the French Presidential elections.
The prospect of a party with it’s roots in fascist Vichy France and a former leader convicted of holocaust denial taking national power is a horrifying one for all anti-fascists, Muslims and minorities.
We call on all those who oppose fascism to join us in a rally, to dicuss Le Pen, the rise of the far-right in Europe and resistance across the continent.
Join us 7pm on 2nd May at Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
Event page here

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