Friday 26 May 2017

After Manchester attack – don’t let the racists divide us

Anti fascists called for unity in response to Monday’s  horrific attack in Manchester, which killed 22 concert goers and injured at least 59, and sends condolences to loved ones of those killed and injured.

Sabby Dhalu, UAF Joint Secretary said,

Our thoughts are with the loved ones of those killed and those injured in Manchester. It is extremely distressing that children and young people were targeted in this way.  Our response to this tragedy must be to reject the hatred of the perpetrators and those who seek to use this tragedy to divide us and for all communities to stand together. As Martin Luther King said: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Weyman Bennett, UAF Joint Secretary said,
We would like to express our sympathy and solidarity to the people of Manchester, the victims of the attack and their families. It is disgraceful that already far-right groups such as Britain First have attempted to use the attack to stir up hatred and division. This outrage was designed to divide our communities, we cannot allow it do so. It is vital that we stand together at this time in unity and solidarity against all forms of hatred, division and violence.

Far-right groups such as the EDL have attempted to use the attack to stir up hatred and division. Columnist Katie Hopkins tweeted for a ‘final solution’, and Tommy Robinson responded with a series of Islamophobic tweets ( it has just been announced that Hopkins will no longer be working for LBC – about time).

Robinson has said he will be protesting in Manchester on June 11th. This is the same day that a front for the EDL, “Gays against Sharia”, plan an Islamophobic demo in Manchester, on the anniversary of the Orlando nightclub attack. UAF are supporting a demonstration called by Manchester LGBT activists to oppose the fascists and to remember the victims of the attack.

Details here,

Mancunians responded brilliantly when a small group of EDL supporters tried to capitalise on the horror of Monday, and tried to target Muslims. The fascists were sent packing by mourning locals, angered by such crass, racist cynicism. There is more here.


Merseyside Unites against the EDL

Merseyside UAF have organised a broad and well supported statement against the EDL’s march in Liverpool, on June 3rd. A wide cross section of local and national trade unionists, ex footballers like Howard Gayle, and the recently elected Mayor, Steve Rotherham, have signed the statement. Several ‘Days of Action’ have seen Merseysiders’ leaflet and hold stalls, in order to see a large turnout from a city, renowned for its anti fascism. There is more on activities via Merseyside UAF,

UAF Scotland

The small fascist sect, the Scottish Defence League (SDL) who have suffered several recent humiliations at the hands of anti fascists recently, have announced a demonstration in June.  This again targets Muslims and recent SDL gatherings have seen members of the banned group, National Action, surface, waving Nazi, Golden Dawn style, flags. UAF Scotland has called a counter demonstration and will be mobilising from across the movement to ensure the fascists stay marginal. Details of the mobilisation, here,


Fascist attempts to capitalise on the appalling attack in Manchester will be opposed through broad, mass opposition.

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