Monday 15 May 2017

Fascist Britain First ‘postpone’ Birmingham demonstration, after arrests of leaders

The notorious fascist group Britain First have said they are ‘postponing’ their demonstration in Birmingham, scheduled for June 3rd.

The news follow the arrest of the pair of  Islamophobic bigots who lead Britain First, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. Both were arrested last week on suspicion of inciting racial hatred. Both were given strict bail conditions which may have prevented them from organising and being in Birmingham in June.

This latest setback for the fascist splinter group  from the BNP, follows Golding’s recent spell in prison, for breaching a banning order, forbidding him and the publicity hungry group from intimidating Mosque goers. Anti fascists and people in Birmingham will welcome news that they are not to be in the city in June. UAF was organising a counter protest against the fascists and will monitor any new developments.

Britain First had a national ‘march’ in London, last month, which attracted just 140 people from across the UK. In contrast anti fascists outnumbered the demonstration and protested at their presence. The ex leader of the EDL Tommy Robinson has been seen in the company of Britain First, but no long term project of realignment looks set to result from this uneasy alliance.

Like the rest of the UK far right, Britain First remain on the margins. Their Facebook and social media presence aside (with its bought for ‘Likes’), they remain in a political cul de sac. Their marches have not grown in number and they are opposed when they arrive in towns and cities.

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