Wednesday 31 May 2017

Merseyside says No to the fascist EDL – this Saturday

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Support continues to grow for Merseyside Unite Against Fascism’s protest against the fascist English Defence League’s (EDL) planned demonstration,  in Liverpool, on 3rd June.  Many in the city are angered that the EDL have attempted to use the appalling, recent terror attack in Manchester to stir up hatred and division, on Merseyside.

Merseyside Unite Against Fascism’s Liverpool Unity Statement – opposing the EDL and supporting UAF’s anti-EDL protest – is signed by former Liverpool FC Player Howard Gayle, Theresa Griffin MEP, the Mayor, Steve Rotherham, leading local and national trades unionists and 25 Merseyside Councillors.

 Liverpool City Councillors supporting UAF’s statement include: Deputy Mayor Ann O’Byrne; Andrew Foxley, Ros Groves, Patrick Hurley, Malcolm Kennedy, Barry Kushner, Clare McIntyre, Peter Mitchell, Liz Parsons, James Roberts, Liam Robinson, Laura Robertson-Collins, Anna Rothery, Sharon Sullivan, Nick Small, and Sefton Councillors Clare Carragher, Paul Cummins, Gordon Friel and Diane Roscoe.

                                                 Mancunians reject racist divide and rule


Mancunians responded brilliantly when a small group of EDL supporters in the city centre, last week, tried to target Muslims. The fascists were sent packing by mourning locals, angered by such brutal racism. The overwhelming response nationally, to the horror in Manchester, has of course been solidarity and rejection of the sort of scapegoating promoted by the EDL.

In 2014, the people of Merseyside helped kick out then fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin, as MEP for the North West Region.
The state of fascist groups in Britain today contrasts to the situation in the rest of Europe, where fascist organisations such as Marine Le Pen’s Front National in France are building support. Fascist groups here, though often violent, are small and currently, marginal. Anti fascists have broken the back of groups such as the EDL and BNP.
Racist demonstrations, by groups such as the EDL, National Action and North West Infidels, in Liverpool, and elsewhere, have been successfully opposed by diverse, broad mobilisations which send a clear message to fascist groups that they are not welcome.
Merseyside UAF has called a demonstration outside Liverpool Lime Street Station, on June 3rd, from 12.00 noon.

Sabby Dhalu, UAF Joint Secretary said,

Our thoughts are with the loved ones of those killed and those injured in Manchester. It is extremely distressing that children and young people were targeted in this way.  Our response to this tragedy must be to reject the hatred of the perpetrators and those who seek to use this tragedy to divide us and for all communities to stand together.

Weyman Bennett, UAF Joint Secretary said,
We express our sympathy and solidarity to the people of Manchester, the victims of the attack and their families. It is disgraceful that far-right groups such as the EDL try to use the attack to stir up hatred and division.

Consistent, broad-based  mobilisations, including the proud record of the people of Liverpool, have pushed the EDL and other fascists back.  The EDL once mobilised thousands but at their Birmingham demo, only mobilised 80.  UAF remains committed to isolating the fascists.

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