Saturday 24 June 2017

Birmingham unites against fascist Britain First

Hundreds joined a UAF protest at John Bright St, that cut off the Nazis route into town. Despite attempts to undermine anti fascists from certain quarters, locals answered UAF’s call, in disgust at the racists being in town. A general sentiment prevailed, ‘Why are these people (the fascists) being allowed to march here? Birmingham doesn’t want them’.

Britain First were eventually escorted by police through back streets  to Chamberlain Square, where they were again met by UAF and other anti fascists. They suffered by having some of their advertised speakers, being held at airports, and thus not being in Birmingham. This includes a notorious anti Semitic priest, from Poland. They were not missed. Locals also heckled the fascists on their route, shouting, ‘Go away, we don’t want racists in Brum’. The fascists enjoyed hardly any support from people in the city. Their national mobilisation was around 250, matched by Birmingham Unite Against Fascism’s turnout.

Despite being kettled by police at one stage, anti fascists were determined and  lively. They heard from regional trades union reps, at one stage, including the NUT, UCU, Unison, PCS, MEND and others.

Britain First were then escorted out of town with their tail between their legs. This was a successful day for all who oppose racism and fascism in Birmingham.

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