Monday 26 June 2017

Edinburgh says No to the fascist SDL

There was a good turnout yesterday, in Edinburgh, as the fascist SDL were outnumbered 3:1 by 150 anti-fascists. Trades unionists, students, pensioners and others marched and ensured the fascist splinter from the English Defence League, were again kept down. This has been the fifth attempt by fascists in recent weeks in Scotland to build of the recent terror attacks. Each time anti fascists have successfully stopped them from cynically rebuilding via their Islamophobic hate.


The fascists again had to rely on nazis from the North East of England to shore up their numbers and their impact was minimal. Passers by jeered at them and they looked to have had a miserable day. UAF Scotland and Edinburgh anti fascists have played a central role in ensuring that the fascists’ numbers stay tiny and in a political cul de sac.


Members of the Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh joined Edinburgh UAF’s event and lead at the front of the anti-fascist march. Earlier this week they provided us with the following message:


“In this last week of our month of Peace and fasting we at Muslim Women’s Association have been greatly saddened at the tragic and senseless loss of life at Grenfell and Finsbury Park.


Finsbury Park is a cycle of hate that must stop now. We call for unity and strength at this time from our Edinburgh community to show clearly that hate will not divide us. Time and again the Edinburgh community have shown their support and given us Muslims strength in a world of media that seem to increase the barriers towards understanding and harmony.”

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