Wednesday 7 June 2017

Stand up to Racism & fascist hate in Manchester this Sunday




Unite Against Fascism (UAF)  are supporting a counter demonstration this Sunday in Manchester,  (details here, )against an attempt by far-right groups and individuals, eg, ex EDL thug, Tommy Robinson, to hijack the first anniversary of the Pulse nightclub mass shootings, in Orlando.


On June 12, 2016,  a security guard killed 49 people and wounded 58 others in a hate crime at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  He was killed by police officers. It was the deadliest mass murder by a single person and the worst instance of violence against LGBT people in American history. The killer’s motive was said to be, by a former workmate, his hatred of  “Black people, women, Jews, Hispanics, and gay or lesbian people.”


Tommy Robinson’s so called  ‘Rebel Media’ and  ex UKIP racist, Anne-Marie Waters, have appropriated a former EDL members’ original call out. Tommy Cook had set up a so called “Gays Against Sharia” demonstration,  on Sunday. The focus has been changed, just as  cynically, following the recent appalling terror attack in Manchester,  to a supposed “Unite Against Hate” march. The reality is that this is another pitiful attempt by Robinson and assorted Islamophobic bigots to instigate anti Muslim hate.


Robinson has invited various ‘patriots’, along; this is code for fascists who once followed the EDL. A  group of EDL members who tried to capitalise on the Manchester attacks were vigorously opposed in the city, recently. Moreover, the EDL were defeated in Merseyside, last Saturday,


Manchester Stand Up to Racism and UAF are circulating the statement below.


Statement in support of Sunday’s Manchester Unites against Racism and fascist Hate Rally.


We, the undersigned, are united in our opposition to ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s plans to hold a “United against Hate” vigil in Manchester on 11th June.

Robinson is trying to use the recent, horrific terror attacks in Manchester to attack our Muslim sisters and brothers.
Speakers at the planned, racist vigil, include several notorious Islamophobes. Robinson himself was for a number of year’s a leader of a fascist organization, the English Defence League, who attempted to organise pogroms against the Muslim community.

In the wake of the tragic terror attacks, we will not allow racists like Robinson to spread division in our community – and to blame Islam for the actions of a few. We have already seen a racist backlash with Oldham Islamic Centre being firebombed hours after the Manchester bombing, and the EDL trying to stir up fascist hate in Manchester City Centre.

30,000 Mancunians joined the very moving vigil called by the Mayor Andy Burnham; and the message was clear: we will not let anyone divide us.

We support plans to call on everyone to come together for a unity rally on the 11th June in Piccadilly Gardens, and call on everyone to attend to state a clear message: Terrorism has no religion. No to racism and attempts to divide us.

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