Wednesday 19 July 2017

Far right and Fascists attempt to scupper NGO’s vital refugee, search/rescue work

Far-right and fascist groups are on a vessel in the Mediterranean in an effort to stop the arrival of Europe-bound boats with refugees and migrants.

Defend Europe is the main far-right sect operating in such a callous way. They are part of the  Identitarian Movement, a European collection of Islamophobes and supporters of the likes of Geert Wilders in Holland and other far right, populist organisations.  They are mainly young and have built a small base up, from their initial origins in France, around Marine Le Pen’s fascist, Front National.

The racists claim that, via fundraising,  its members have been donated over £80,000 for this anti refugee hate trip. Far right and fascist individuals have donated to what is being claimed as ‘a project to free Europe’ from a so called ‘refugee invasion’. They hope to arrive in Catania, Italy,  on Monday for the boat they will use on their mission, the ‘C Star’.

Defend Europe wish to get to refugees before NGO’s active in the Mediterranean and take them back to the Libyan coastguard to stop the “illegal migration to Europe”. In May, Defend Europe unsuccessfully tried to stop a rescue boat from Doctors Without Borders (aka MSF).

As  Save the Children say,  Defend Europe aims to hinder search-and-rescue missions “are deeply concerning” and “ignore the moral and legal obligation” to save lives in the Mediterranean.

The racists trip to attack refugees is supported by the the notorious racist and Islamophobe, and Mail Online columnist, Katie Hopkins. (Hopkins  was fired from her LBC radio show after she tweeted views after the Manchester terror attack that were deeply Islamophobic)

Hopkins was pictured in Italy, alongside a Holocaust denier, Peter Sweden, below, the tweet has since been deleted, see here,

Sweden has questioned the fact that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust as well as expressing some sympathies for the policies of Adolf Hitler. He also has supported ex EDL Leader Tommy Robinson and the fascist group, Britain First, who will face opposition from UAF, in Rochdale, this weekend,

Anti fascists will recall the magnificent solidarity in support of refugees in recent times, via Care 4 Calais and Stand Up to Racism, for instance. It is to be hoped that the far right are unsuccessful, as they were in May, in their latest attempts to intimidate refugees.

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