Saturday 19 August 2017

Anti fascists turn out against fascist splinter groups in Newcastle and Grantham

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and outdoorAnti fascists at the Newcastle monument

Below- rump National Front, inciting hate with Confederate flag

Violence as National Front and Unite Against Fascism members collide.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

Anti fascists in both Newcastle and Grantham, Lincolnshire, today organised good numbers to ensure that splinter groups and what’s left of the Nazi, National Front were resolutely opposed. Coming seven days after Nazi rampages in Charlottesville and the murder of anti fascist, Heather Heyer, anti fascists were determined that fascists in the UK faced broad, strong opposition.

Newcastle Unites, which UAF is a part of, organised a rally at the Monument. This took place in response to the recent horrific grooming and sexual abuse, uncovered in court trials, locally. Fascist groups have tried to mobilise around  and racialise the crimes of such exploitation.

Anti fascists of course condemn the sexual exploitation of women and children and we support and seek justice for all survivors of such crimes, regardless of their social or ethnic background. We believe all those responsible for these offences should be prosecuted irrespective of their ethnicity or religion

The rally was held to try to prevent another fascist mobilisation in the city, of which there have been several recently. Despite short notice, around 100 people attended. Moreover, various sections of the fragmented far right, active locally, were prevented from holding a demonstration.

Some fascists took a look at the anti fascist rally but slunked away.

The message was clear – We completely oppose the horrific crimes against young girls that have happened in Newcastle and want  justice for survivors of all abuse.

     The fascist English Defence League have called a march in the city on September 9th, to try and spread Islamophobia, following the recent abuse cases. Newcastle Unites/UAF are organising against them, see event page below,


Grantham anti fascists outnumber National Front

At just one day’s notice, UAF in Grantham, and other anti fascists outnumbered a tiny National Front march. The National Front were led by Richard Edmonds and Simon Biggs, who were both convicted of ‘glassing’ a black customer of an East London pub, in 1994.

Both ex BNP thugs, Biggs, for instance, received a four year sentence for his role in the vicious attack. They were joined on their pitiful parade by Rob Gray, who was jailed in 1997, for helping to produce the Nazi terror magazine, Combat 18. Gray is a known associate of various Nazi splinter groups and was recently on the Football Lads Alliance march, in London.


Also present was Kevin Watmough, founder of the Nazi hate site, Redwatch. He and the other Nazis were suitably soaked by the day’s end, their miniscule, protected rally, being open air. Shop workers heckled and jeered the fascists, showing the lack of support for the fascists.

    Some in authority appeared to want such thugs and admirers of Hitler to have had a march which went through the town, with no prior notice to locals. However, due to infomation gained by UAF, anti fascists were able to mount opposition to the fascists and warn the local press of the unwanted arrivals.  The Nazis were mainly from Yorkshire and Croydon, their last real, active units.
Over 50 people turned out to oppose the Nazis. The latter numbered about 30, this on a national mobilisation.


Over zealous policing helped to enable a fascist march, not before anti fascists tried to block the Nazis path.

  Fascists provocatively carried a Confederate flag, a reference to the fascist riot and murder, in Charlottesville. Two anti fascists were assaulted by fascists, but the fascist attackers were not subject to police action.

   UAF members and anti fascists were not deterred. Our turnout was bigger than the fascists despite the NF announcing what they hoped to be a private affair, some weeks earlier.

As anti fascists marched down the street many locals applauded, gave thumbs up and tooted car horns. The quick mobilisations by UAF and others is testament, post Charlottesville, that anti fascists aim to keep British fascism down. Help us by joining UAF,

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