Sunday 13 August 2017

Charlottesville – a terrible warning – UAF statement – Solidarity vigils/demonstrations

Antifascists in London's Trafalgar Square send solidarity to our counterparts in Greece. Pic credit: Tom Kay via twitter

Antifascists  will send solidarity to Charlottesville tomorrow night at the U S Embassy

The death of Heather Heyer and the assault on anti fascists in Charlottesville at the hands of James Fields is the shocking result of Donald Trumps America.

Trump’s failure to condemn the assault by American fascists, on a day that saw armed militias dominating the town and black people beaten in the streets, is truly shocking.
Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism said: ‘In scenes reminiscent of the most violent days of the civil rights movement the ‘Alt-Right’ took to the streets to ‘make America great again’ by beating demonstrators and expressing their support for White Supremacy’.

Brian Richardson from Unite Against Fascism said: ‘The death of Heather Heyer was a terrorist attack but Trump’s failure to act shows that anything that fails to fit with his Islamophobic and racist agenda is simply ignored’.

Trump’s statements have given confidence to the fascist right in the US. Charlottesville is a terrible warming to anti racists everywhere that we have to stand up against bigotry where ever it raises its head.

Anti-fascists will be protesting against Trump and in solidarity with American anti-fascists at the US Embassy in London on Monday evening at 6pm.

There are also UAF vigils/demonstrations in 10 other cities, see below.

Edinburgh, tonight,

Cardiff –

Glasgow – tonight –

Birmingham – Wednesday-

Bristol –

Manchester – tomorrow,

Cambridge – tonight – Meet outside CB2 cafe in Norfolk Street – 7.30pm

Portsmouth – Wednesday –

Leeds –

Liverpool – – 6.30pm opp St Georges Hall, L1

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