Thursday 10 August 2017

This Saturday, remember the Battle of Lewisham, inspiration for today!

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Forty years ago this weekend, thousands of anti fascists and locals from South East London stopped the fascists of the National Front (NF) from marching.  The NF hoped that by demonstrating in Lewisham – an area with a high proportion of Afro Caribbeans – they would further intimidate minorities. The fascists, however, received a rude awakening. The victory was critical in beating back the rise in racism and fascism. Saturday 13th August, 1977 helped set back the fascists for a generation.

The far right had become mainstream in the media, in political life and often, in popular culture. In 1977, the National Front received over 100,000 votes in London elections.

The historic day itself, saw trades unionists, socialists, Labour Party members, LGBT and crucially, many people from Lewisham, come together to say enough is enough.

Up to 10,000 people joined forces to oppose the NF. All the fascists possible routes were continually blocked, NF banners were burned, and Bob Marley was played. The counter demo was a great example of black and white unity.

Nazis such as the NF, believed that they could build a mass movement based upon race hate and racist violence. They were wrong!

Ted Parker who took part at Lewisham, says, “Thereafter the NF never again posed a serious political threat. Lewisham led to the formation of the Anti Nazi League which, together with Rock Against Racism, and nowadays Love Music Hate Racism, mobilised hundreds of thousands in collective expressions of solidarity between those of differing cultures and ethnic backgrounds”.

Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Against Racism are part of organising;

Eyewitness accounts/archive footage, including

– How we defeated the Nazi National Front & built the Anti Nazi League/The fight against the fascists today

There is exciting news here from Goldsmiths College, who are putting on, with LMHR, some excellent events (see below)

Weekend events on Sat 12th August/Sunday 13th August; in Lewisham.

Saturday, starts opposite the New Cross Inn on  Clifton Rise, New Cross, at 1pm, –

After the reunion, on Saturday,

Anti fascists, veterans and new should find much to inspire.

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