Saturday 16 September 2017

Fascist Britain First look to incite Islamophobia after Parsons Green attack

Following the appalling terror attack in Parsons Green, in London, the fascist and anti Muslim group Britain First,(BF) have again tried to inflame Islamophobia. On Friday in Crayford, South East London, outside a mosque, BF leader Golding tried to intimidate and harass mosque goers.


It is still unclear, at the time of writing, as to why the tube at Parsons Green was targeted. However, like many on the far right, Golding and BF leapt to conclusions and blamed the religion of Islam and it’s followers. This despite, various Muslim groups repeatedly condemning previous terror attacks, supposedly done in the name of their religion.


Most ignored Golding on Friday and several tried to calm the clearly aggressive, fascist down. Golding and BF have a history of such behaviour around Mosques. In December last year, Golding was jailed for eight weeks after being found to have broken a court order stopping him from entering mosques or encouraging others to do so. In the summer of 2014, Golding went into Crayford Mosque, shouting that the segregated entrances, be removed. Some in the local Muslim Association called BF ‘filthy people creating trouble in our society’.


In June 2016, the words, ‘Britain First’ were screamed by the murderer of Jo Cox MP. Such horror and the paramilitary actions of BF led some like MP, Louise Haigh, to call for the group to be called ‘terrorist’ and for BF to be proscribed. This would put them in the same league, as the Nazi sect, National Action.


BF in 2014, invaded ten Bradford mosques, as well as others in Scotland, Luton and East London. BF leaders are also banned from entering or directing their thugs to enter Luton, after BF marched though the town centre confronting local Muslims. Eye witnesses described BF’s “intimidating” manner aimed, which looked to be trying to  “inflame tensions”


Their efforts to provoke Muslims have failed at East London mosque, despite BF’s most aggressive attempts. They have been forced away from the building by locals there. To all’s disgust in the area, in June of this year, whilst Muslims were raising money for victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster, BF tried to create aggravation at the Mosque. Again, they were swifly moved on.


Britain First have often been blocked by anti fascists, for instance in Birmingham recently,

Despite their online presence, BF have failed to attract more than 150 fellow fascists on marches. An attempt to link up with ex EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, has also gone quiet for now.


They are next pouring our their poison in Ramsgate, next month, anti fascists are looking to ensure a broad, diverse demonstration against them ensures they remain marginal.

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