Monday 11 September 2017

Perth outsmarts and greatly outnumbers fascist Scottish Defence League


Anti fascists humbling fascist SDL

Pictures – Perth Gazette


Hundreds of anti fascists in the Scottish town of Perth opposed the small ranks of the so called Scottish Defence League (SDL), on Sunday. It was a brilliant sight, and came on the same weekend as the EDL were outnumbered by around 500 people in Newcastle. The pretext for the latest SDL hate event was over a proposed Mosque, locally.

In Bristol too, on Sunday, around two hundred anti fascists ensured the fascist inspired, supposed LGBT demonstration against Sharia law was shown for the Islamophobic hate it was. LGBT activists and anti fascists got good support from locals, the fascists got next to zero backing. Just fifty fascists attended this national mobilisation.

In Perth, less than 60 fascists made their way to the town. They were only able to after being blocked by anti fascists for some time and via large policing. Perth Unites, UAF, several Trades unions and many community organisations had spent weeks planning for their anti fascist day. It paid off, handsomely.


Several trades unions brought their banners, from the Fire Brigade’s Union’s national banner, to RMT flags, Unison, EIS, PCS and Unite the Union. Those of faith mixed with those of no faith; young people stood alongside pensioners, anti racist football fans also played a lively role.


Pete Wishart MP, who was with anti fascists, told reporters,

“There was a fantastic turnout making it quite clear that there is no place in our Fair City for the hate and ignorance represented by the SDL.

“A handful of fascists were faced with a huge and diverse crowd disgusted at their attempt to hijack a local planning issue to promote their racist agenda”.


Congratulations to anti fascists in Perth who organised the day. There was a exuberant atmosphere throughout. The SDL, like the EDL, are a pathetic, albeit sinister, small rump. Aping Nazis in Charlottesville, they flew Confederate flags. They were made up of ex Combat 18 and National Front thugs. They were jeered at and mocked during their time in Perth.


From Bristol to Newcastle to Perth, anti fascists this weekend have organised broadly and with elan. In all three areas, conversely, the fascists, in their seig heiling and drunkeness, are reduced to shells of organisation. Some of their remaining supporters are demoralised, both at their own small size and anti fascist opposition.


Following the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, anti fascists here have taken inspiration from anti fascists in the U S. The EDL and the BNP are on the extreme margins of society. They have been pushed  there by years of anti fascist campaigning, led by UAF and others.

However, the possibility of a Nazi, National Action cell in the British Army, shows the need to remain vigilant.  Unite Against Fascism will look to maintain strong, rooted anti fascism in bodies such as the Unions and with allies in various communities.

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