Monday 23 October 2017

Fascist EDL have yet another pathetic demonstration, this time it’s Peterborough


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More than 100 anti-fascists and residents joined a unity protest against the EDL as they attempted to march through Peterborough on Saturday. The diverse protest was organised by Peterborough Trades Union Council and supported by Unite Against Fascism.


Protesters gathered to show solidarity against the fascist EDL, who only managed to muster around 20 people to their national demonstration. This was marginally bigger than their recent attempt in Essex, which was cancelled due to less than 10 wanting to march. However, the near terminal condition of the EDL must be clear to even the most pigheaded of its followers


The EDL’S rally featured few speakers, and was noticable for the absence of co leader, Alan Spence.  Joint Leader, Ian Crossland, tried to rally his small band of loyalists, but made little impression on anyone. Drunken racists staggered around their pen which resembled the death throes of a once strong group. The EDL attracted no local support and were criticised for their presence by angry Peterborough shoppers.


The EDL limped home and were mocked by passers by and anti fascists.  Predictably, the EDL leadership were attacked online by the few who had bothered to attend and more internal rows following this latest debacle have followed. Other fascists are mocking the EDL and wondering why they bother.


Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya led chants against the EDL  and stressed the importance of unity in the fight against racism, while local Cllr Ansar Ali said it’s vital people of all faiths come together to oppose racism.


The demo was also addressed by Israr Khan who joined the protest with other young Muslims from local mosques who cooked food and bought drinks for the demonstrators. Israr said it is important that the whole community stands with Muslims in the face of Islamophobia and thanked trade-unionists and anti-racists for their solidarity.


Ron Graves, President of Peterborough Trades Union Council stressed the important role that trade unions and workers play in opposing racism and fascism.  Cllr Amjad Iqbal said that scapegoating immigrants is dangerous and can fuel groups like the EDL.


As the small EDL protest passed, anti-racist demonstrators sang chants about the unity and diversity among the crowd and greater numbers of anti-fascist protesters.


The EDL then gathered outside Peterborough Magistrate’s Court where they were surrounded and heckled by residents, shoppers and anti-fascists before being led off by police to the cheers and waves of Peterborough locals.


Richard Rose from UAF, who also addressed the crowd, said: “Today shows that apparently unstoppable fascist forces can be halted. However there is no room for complacency – if the EDL fall apart, the right will regroup.


“There has been a worrying rise in racist attacks, however there is also a new, vibrant anti-racist movement which we need to strengthen  to ensure the EDL and their ilk are sent into the dustbin of history.”

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