Thursday 2 November 2017

UAF press release concerning anti Britain First demo in Bromley

Unite Against Fascism will be protesting this Saturday, November 4th, in Bromley, against the fascist group, Britain First (BF). We will join with Bromley – Disabled People Against Cuts, Stand Up To Racism – South East London, Lewisham Islamic Centre, Greenwich & Bexley Trades Council, Bromley Momentum, Bromley TUC, Bromley Green Party and Lewisham Green Party, who are supporting the UAF call out; details as follows,


A splinter group from the Nazi BNP, BF are marching due to their notorious leaders, Golding and Fransen, having to sign on at the local police station. Both face charges resulting from their history of Islamophobic and racist provocations.
Ludicrously, they claim they are ‘martyrs’, in reality, they are racist bigots. Stoke last weekend saw Britain First ally with fascist thugs, the ‘Stoke Infidels’, in a provocative rally.


Only recently did BF try, but fail to have a noxious, anti Semitic priest speak at one of their hate rallies. They are banned from going near mosques due to their threatening behaviour at a number of such places of worship.



Britain First’s leader Paul Golding was imprisoned last year for eight weeks for his campaign of “invading” mosques. Jayda Fransen was convicted for religiously aggravated harassment, after she abused a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.



Bromley people do not wish such fascists here, evident from the support for the counter demonstration.
The far right internationally, are growing, and in Britain, they look to emulate the likes of Marine Le Pen and Greek’s Nazi, Golden Dawn, for instance. UAF has through broad support, pushed back the BNP and EDL to a mere shadow of themselves, thus we continue to oppose the far right and their racist violence.


Joint UAF Secretary Weyman Bennett said,


“Britain First has gained notoriety through sending squads of its so-called “defence force” of activists, kitted out paramilitary-style, to stage “invasions” of local mosques.
I urge all who oppose Britain First’s poison to stand united against division, Islamophobia and racism, this Saturday. We must not allow the  fascists to grow, as they have in other parts of Europe”.


Sabby Dhalu, Joint Secretary of UAF said, “Fascists such as BF have one aim, to engender Islamophobia in our communities and sow division. Their despicable efforts must be opposed by all people of goodwil. We must maintain our vigilance of fascist groups and ensure that they are defeated”


Notes for editors;


The man arrested for the racist attack on Finsbury Park Mosque – which killed one man and injured eleven others – is reported to have followed Britain First’s Golding and Jansen on Twitter.  After the attack, Britain First posted that ‘Finsbury Park Mosque was notorious as a haven for Islamist terrorists and extremists!’
Thomas Mair shouted ‘Britain First’ before he brutally murdered Jo Cox MP in 2016.


BF have been filmed trying to intimidate people outside East London Mosque, while members of the Mosque were working to give aid to people affected by the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower. Former EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ was recently pictured with the leaders of Britain First – a telling tie up of fascists.


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