Monday 11 December 2017

Fascist Britain First hate rally stopped by…snow

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Fascist Britain First were stopped from having a rally, in Belfast, yesterday, due to… snow. This was a cue for many jokes on social media about the fascists being defeated by ‘snowflakes’ and ‘one white Xmas’, to be welcomed.



Local anti fascists from United against Racism and People Not Profit in Belfast, were far sturdier than Britain First, and as the picture shows above, held a successful rally. No one wanted the fascists there and anti fascists report that had Britain First bothered, they would have been well outnumbered.



Britain First were due to protest about charges made against against deputy leader, Jayda Fransen. Fransen was arrested in Bromley by police and was charged with using threatening and abusive language outside Belfast City Hall earlier this year.




Fransen also faces charges of religously aggravated harassment, along with Golding, Britain First’s leader. The group were recently given great publicity after Donald Trump’s re tweeting of Islamophobic tweets from Fransen. Trump’s  islamophobic ‘Muslim ban’ and vile racism has encouraged both Britain First and homegrown, U S nazis, though the latter face inspiring opposition from anti fascists.



Though BF have had interviews in several outlets, following the Trump episode, this may remain a short term boost. Their conference, held days after the Trump tweets, was in a secret location and had no more than 80 people there. Anti fascists eventually located the venue, but BF had already left, after a rally, not a conference, in any way. UAF will continue to work broadly and speedily to oppose BF both on the streets and electorally. Fascist organisations can grow quickly in times such as the present, particularly when many mainstream politicians such as Trump and others in Europe, are aping far right rhetoric, in relation to refugees, for instance.



Weather permitting, Britain First say they will rally in Belfast, next year; anti fascists will give them the welcome they deserve.


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