Thursday 14 December 2017

Update; Both fascist Britain First leaders arrested in Belfast, today, arrested today, Britain First leader, next to ex Combat 18 member, Jason Marriner (blue Polo top)



Deputy Britain First Leader, Jayda Fransen, was re arrested today following an incident at a peace wall in Belfast, yesterday.  She was taken to a Belfast police station to be interviewed.
Fransen had posted a tweet showing herself at a wall used to divide Catholics from Protestants in the city.



It’s been a poor week for the fascist splinter group from the BNP, Britain First. On Sunday, the elements, in the form of snow, defeated their attempt at rallying in Belfast,



Today, their leader, Paul Golding, was arrested in Belfast over speeches made at a rally in August.  He was taken into custody at Laganside courts in Northern Ireland, where his deputy Jayda Fransen is due to appear before magistrates.


Golding had come to support Fransen. She  is charged with using “threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour” relating to a speech she made at the same rally in Belfast. Farnsen claims Golding has been arrested on “trumped up charges”…


Those in court prosecuting Fransen,  said footage and transcripts of Ms Fransen’s speech “constitute the offences” and have requested she should not be able to speak at rallies, for the immediate future.


The notorious fascist group recently received much publicity after U S President, Trump, retweeted Islamophobic images from Fransen. Trump rightly received enormous criticism for his acts and lack of contrition, for posting from a fascist group. Their recent conference saw less than 100 attend, behind closed doors. Their last demonstration, fittingly at Bromley police station, had only 44 present, as against over 200 anti fascists.


Britain First recently rubbed shoulders with fascists in a large, far right demonstration in Warsaw, just weeks ago. They are a poisonous organisation, who as the updated piece below shows, may have left the BNP, but whose fascist politics remain every bit as vile as the BNP’s.

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