Saturday 20 January 2018

Doncaster anti fascists outnumber pathetic EDL demonstration by over 3 to 1

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The English Defence League’s (EDL) latest attempt to make themselves relevant fell on deaf ears today when their, “regional,” demonstration in Hexthorpe (Doncaster) only managed a turnout of 37, variously challenged, members.


In contrast, and despite the short notice, a counter demonstration was successfully held. This was called by Stand Up To Racism, Doncaster Unite Against Fascism and Doncaster Anti-Fascists. It was supported by Doncaster Trades Council, Yorkshire & Humberside TUC, Doncaster UNISON, faith groups and others. Initially, around 50-60 anti fascists mobilised to oppose the EDL at Doncaster station.


This, alongside a strategy of leafleting/engaging with the local community meant that, together, about 150 people stood together in Hexthorpe to, “welcome,” and see off the ‘mouth-breathers’ of the EDL

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It was a brilliant turnout from the community which (for the first time) included a sizeable Roma contingent, together with a crowd representing the full diversity of Hexthorpe; every age, skin colour and community group! Hexthorpe locals and anti fascists vigorously turned away the EDL, in 2014, the last time the unwanted fascists visited the town.

The popular feeling was, before today, ‘why did the swines think it would be any different, this time’, and so it proved.

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This was the first EDL demonstration of the year and starts the year  off for them as badly as 2017 ended for the rump set of fascists. As we reported here, earlier this week, the EDL ‘chairman’, and ex BNP, notorious thug, Alan Spence was removed from his position by disgruntled, local members in Newcastle, see here,


The North East is one of the few remaining areas, along with South Yorkshire, where the EDL has any level of support, albeit minimal. The small number of EDL that haven’t drifted to the Football Lads Alliance or numerous, splinter groups from the EDL, added to the woes of Ian Crossland, the EDL leader, last night. The bus which would have carried thugs from the North East was cancelled, due to the ongoing rows within the sect that now is the EDL Crossland was reported to be ‘well miffed’ with this and anti fascists can expect more discontent within the motley crew. The EDL today, as they have been for some time, were composed of fascists and nothing else.


Their demonstration attracted few if anyone from Hexthorpe and, as ever, was only able to happen due to police ‘facilitation’. It has been clear for some time that the EDL is a sinking ship, and little more than a gang that Crossland leads, and leads badly.


The far right in the UK remains fractured and still recovering from a number of defeats UAF and others have inflicted on them. However, as we have seen with the likes of National Action, frustrated with no prospect of electoral hopes and opposed time and again on the streets, some are turning to terrorism. Only yesterday, Friday, were individuals believed to be associated with National Action, told they will stand trial accused of being members of the banned group.


An openly fascist group, who have marched near to East London Mosque, late last year, are assembling to supposedly pay respects to the murdered soldier, Lee Rigby, in Woolwich, tomorrow, Sunday. Among them are ex UDA gunners and Combat 18 thugs, as well as hooligans associated with the Chelsea Headhunters, football gang. Such people are looking to rebuild from among the scattered remains of the likes of the National Front and are looking to the Islamophobic, Football Lads Alliance, for potential, new blood.


Anti fascists, such as in Hexthorpe today, show that where the work is done, fascists can and will be successfully rejected, by the majority who detest the far right. Help us keep resisting the fascists, join Uaf here,

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