Friday 26 January 2018

Edinburgh anti fascists to oppose the remnants of the Scottish Defence League

What remains of the fascist Scottish Defence League (SDL) have called a demonstration over the tragic death of homeless,veteran, Darren Greenfield. It’s on Sunday, 4th, February. Darren had served with the Royal Tank Regiment but found life hard to cope with after leaving the Army. He was well-known in Edinburgh, asking for change while wearing his khakis, close to Waverley Station.



His death before Christmas, at the age of 47 after contracting an infection, caused many to ponder on the sort of society we live in that culminates in such sad news.


Unlike the vast majority of people who have sent condolences and messages of support to the Greenfield family, the fascists of the SDL, have cynically tried to blame refugees for Mr Greenfield’s death. Their weasel words will find no echo in the city but their racist scapegoating is to be opposed.


Edinburgh Against the racist SDL, and UAF Edinburgh are mobilising to ensure that the SDL’s hate continues to be marginalised. The SDL, like the English Defence League are small, poisonous sects. Only last week in Doncaster, was the EDL, in their own words, ‘humiliated’, by UAF and other anti fascists,


Perth, in September, last year, saw hundreds of anti fascists, humble and put the SDL in their place, in an excellent example of an anti fascist, united front,

Edinburgh anti fascists, though at short notice, will look to ensure their fine, anti fascist tradition, continues. Details of the anti fascist mobilisation, are here,

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