Monday 5 February 2018

Edinburgh anti fascists see off pathetic gaggle of the ‘Scottish Defence League’


Image may contain: outdoor


Image may contain: 5 people, crowd and outdoorOnce more, Edinburgh UAF ensured that the fascist rump of the so called, Scottish Defence League (SDL),  went home with their tails between their legs, on Sunday. The fascists had called a demonstration in an attempt to instigate anti refugee hate, following the death of a homeless ex-serviceman. It failed; few but the hardcore of what’s left of their group came along for the farcical ‘event’. Just thirty five of them attended. This was a national call out.


In contrast, anti fascists including Green Party co convener, Maggie Chapman, Labour councillors and various trade unionists held a lively rally. Just under a hundred barracked and silenced the fascists. The SDL had nothing that resembled a speech and could only shout racist abuse. It was noticable that the banned Scottish Dawn, an attempt by fascists locally to circumvent the proscription on membership of the nazi ‘terror ‘ group, National Action,  were seemingly absent.


The SDL, like the EDL, resemble a crumbling collection of thugs who are going nowhere fast. Only last September in Perth, were they vastly outnumbered by anti fascists. Their numbers were down from Perth.

Edinburgh continues it’s reputation as somewhere the fascists remain on the margins. A spokesperson for UAF said, “Following a successful Stand Up To Racism conference in Glasgow, last Saturday, Edinburgh UAF members went on to show that the city is somewhere the fascists remain on the margins. With their Confederate flag and thuggish threats, they attracted no one but other little Hitler’s.

They had to rely on the North East Infidels to get their numbers. We will endeavour to see that the fascists don’t get a toehold in Edinburgh and beyond”.

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