Wednesday 7 February 2018

Updated – Football Lads Alliance speaker ‘appreciates’ ex BNP thug’s promotion of Veterans against Terrorism march & FLA fall outs



In a revealing move, a ‘leader’ of the North East division of the English League and jailed thug, Alan Spence, has been thanked by Bill Weir, who has spoken for the Football Lads Alliance (FLA), over supporting a forthcoming march in Newcastle.


Weir, an EDL member, pictured above with former EDL deputy leader, Kevin Carroll, was approached by Alan Spence and asked if Weir had a problem with Spence promoting the Veterans Against Terrorism (VAT) march in Newcastle on February 17th. The FLA are  supporting the VAT event. Spence was recently removed by EDL members from his position, due to his inept co-leadership of the group, which has seen the EDL become a fascist rump. However, there has been another night of the long knives in what’s left of the EDL, see below, and Spence remains in the EDL.


As the screenshot above shows, Weir “appreciates the promotion’ for the march from Spence.


Both know each other from their time in the Islamophobic EDL, which was led by Carroll’s relative, Stephen Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson. Spence served time for an attack on a left wing meeting in Newcastle in 2011. He, for many years, led the violent North East Division.

Spence was also a candidate for the fascist BNP. (pictured below with Nick Griffin)

Robinson has recently been heavily criticised for his vile propaganda which the Finsbury Park murderer, Darren Osborne, was recently revealed to have been influenced by.


On joining the EDL, Spence is thought to have cleaned up his Facebook page, deleting swastikas and images relating to Nazi group, Combat 18 – the ’18’ stands for Adolf Hitler’s initials, the first and eighth letters of the alphabet.


Weir stood side by side with John Meighan, the FLA’s founder, at a VAT march, last November in Edinburgh, which anti-racist group Stand Up To Racism sucessfully opposed.


That speakers for the FLA now openly welcome the backing of thugs like Spence confirms anti racists and anti fascists concerns about the dark politics at the heart of the FLA. Stand Up To Racism and UAF have chronicled the islamophobic path the FLA are going down and the evasions of the FLA leadership concerning far right backing for the group.


Only this week it was revealed that a number of FLA supporters were sympathetic to Darren Osborne and considered him a “scapegoat”.


The FLA claims that it is against all extremism. The fact that those who speak for the FLA such as Weir are glad to see people like Spence promote the VAT demo speaks volumes. Moreover, VAT leader, Richard Inman, has spoken alongside the racist, ex UKIP leadership candidate, Anne Marie Waters. Inman has also said that “the entire Muslim religion is antichrist”.


With such figures of hate in Newcastle shortly, Newcastle Stand Up To Racism has organised a well supported statement in opposition to the racist VAT march.


Some have joined the FLA for a variety of reasons. It is more clear than ever now, though, that the FLA leadership want to build an Islamophobic movement. Will violent fascists like Spence and the North East Infidels be welcome on the FLA section of the VAT march in Newcastle?


                                  FISSION IN FLA

Moreover, there has been a breakaway from some who helped form the FLA, angry over FLA founder, John Meighan’s alleged laxness over financial matters and his ‘burgeoning ego’.


Former admins on FLA social media, who Meighan removed, tell of unease over the way Meighan runs the FLA. One for instance, talks of Meighan’s ego being “through the roof and the pound note signs flashing in his eyes”. In response to such criticism, Meighan  issued ‘interim accounts’ for the FLA. This however, did not satisfy Hickin, Terry Houlihan and other founding members and an open letter concerning finances from admins was seemingly dismissed by Meighan. The admins were then ditched.

Thus, a group some of whom now align themselves to the far right, English Democrats, have split from the FLA, the so called TAUK.


Most FLA supporters are sticking with Meighan, for now and the arguments within the FLA should not be overstated. Islamophobia which the FLA feed off is rife of course and the majority of FLA followers will not get embroiled in the factions. However, Meighan has been rocked by the critiques and there will be more to follow.



Previous street orientated bodies like the EDL have involved fascists in the leadership. The FLA are currently still an alliance of Islamophobes with no known fascists in it’s committee, though Meighan tells of his “respect” for Tommy Robinson. Meanwhile, Ian Crossland , who has presided over a series of flops for the EDL, particularly in Liverpool, last year, ( has just left the EDL.

The FLA will doubtless attract the racists left in the EDL, as the latter sink ever further. Ex EDL members have not been rejected by the FLA, despite claims to the contrary by the FLA. Whilst it’s welcome that the EDL are diminutive, that the FLA’s islamophobia has quickly mushroomed means they are a magnet for disaffected elements on the far right.


Islamophobia is the cutting edge of racism in Britain today. That the VAT are supported by ex EDL and BNP members means anti racists and anti fascists need to continue to broaden out in rejecting the FLA and groups like VAT.

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