Friday 23 February 2018

London Calling! Join the anti fascist bloc on Stand Up To Racism, March 17 demo


Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are organising an anti fascist bloc on the Stand Up To Racism demonstration, in London on March 17th. SUTR, born out of UAF is marching, together with many other anti racists across Europe, in many capitals.

The reasons are many. Trump’s encouragement of murdering fascists as at Charlottesville, of the likes of fascist, Britain First, recently, means ‘Ya Basta’, enough!
Across much of Europe, far right and openly Nazi formations think tomorrow belongs to them. In London, we’ll be marching in solidarity with brothers and sisters, in Poland, Greece, France, Austria, Germany, and elsewhere.
The fascists in the UK are down, due to relentless anti fascist opposition, elsewhere, it isn’t so, eg Poland, where tens of thousands marched last November, chanting openly anti Semitic and Islamophobic, filth, or Germany, with the rise of the AfD. There have been moves recently from the Polish government to ban kosher slaughter, shortly after this, legislation is now being considered to exclude most Holocaust survivors and heirs from restitution claims!


Thus, we see fascists building in Europe, aided by mainstream politicians aping some of their rhetoric and by vicious attacks on refugees. The fascists can be beaten; the BNP and EDL are busted flushes, but the far right in Britain will try and regroup, eg through the Football Lads Alliance marches.

Come on the bloc, please invite friends, share this page, bring banners and people on March 17th, event page here,

Let’s ensure the message is loud and clear, next March, Never Again!


What is UN Anti-Racism Day?

The UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was inaugurated in 1966 to commemorate the  1960 Sharpeville massacre which saw 69 anti-apartheid  protestors killed and 178 wounded for taking to the streets against the regime’s racist pass laws.

In commemorating the massacre, the  UN General Assembly called on all world states and organizations to participate in a program of action to combat racism and racial discrimination.


The whipping up of anti-Muslim hysteria in the press has led to a dramatic rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of terror attacks in London and Manchester, with visible Muslim women the primary target.


Rampant institutional racism is being felt through a spate of deaths in police custody, the tragedy at Grenfell and systematic discrimination in employment and housing.

If we are to defeat the rise of racism, we need a united movement of everyone who opposes it. The #MarchAgainstRacism is a chance to bring that movement together and show that we will not be silent. In the face of this historic challenge we need to make 2018’s march as large as possible.

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