Monday 26 February 2018

Vicious attack by Nazi Golden Dawn on anti fascists in Piraeus


The notorious thugs of Golden Dawn last night attacked and injured several anti fascists, among them, Eleftheria Tompatzoglou, a lawyer for the family of the murdered anti fascist, Pavlos Fyssas.
The nazis assaulted the Favela social centre in Piraeus. They held torches and iron bars, those attacked, said.

“Today in the afternoon while we opened our center for our weekly meeting, we were attacked by a group of Golden Dawn members with iron bars, helmets and flares,” a post on the Facebook page of the Favela Free Social Center read.

Seventy Golden Dawn MPs’and party officials are on trial on a wide range of charges, including membership of a criminal organization linked to the fatal stabbing of Fyssas and several other charges. The nazi party remains the fourth largest in the Greek parliament.

The Favela center was also attacked last August, and four people were arrested by the counter-terrorism unit.

This is the second attack on an anti-fascist lawyer, in recent times. Keefra, UAF’s sister organisation in Greece, has an excellent and long record in opposing Golden Dawn and will continue to do so. Anti fascists must give full solidarity to Greek anti fascists, particularly in the run up to the mobilisations around March 17.

Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary of UAF said, “This was a cowardly attack by Golden Dawn. Our thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery go to Eleftheria Tompatzoglou and all viciously attacked. Our comrades in Keerfa, as with others in Greece have long been an inspiration. Their work up to and during the long trial of Golden Dawn, has been brilliant. We know that the attack will only bolster their resolve and wish them well in the time ahead of March 17. Solidarity!”.

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