Wednesday 7 March 2018

Far right Generation Identity leader looking to speak at Speakers Corner after anti fascists cancel meeting

martin sellner







Far-right co leader of Generation Identity (GI), Martin Sellner,  says he will hold a public assembly in London. This follows activists from UAF and Stand Up To Racism in Milton Keynes, successfully preventing a hate speech from Sellner, locally, see above.
Sellner claims he will speak at the traditional home of free speech, this Sunday, March 11th, Speakers Corner, by London’s Hyde Park.
The youth wing of UKIP, which has put an appeal out to stop possible bankruptcy, were to host Sellner speaking about ‘Free Speech, Generation Identity & The Great Replacement’, in Milton Keynes. Councillors and anti fascists peacefully ensured the hate event was cancelled.

Anti racists and anti fascists have stopped Sellner ‘s biogtry before, eg at a planned UKIP Youth Rally in Sheffield, last year.  Sellner is a favourite of the UK far right, having spoken at the Traditional Britain Group, alongside newfound friend of the Football Lad’s Alliance,  ex UKIP leadership candidate, Anne Marie Waters.


 Sellner also met Tommy Robinson, ex English Defence Leader, last year,

 Sellner, led the Defend Europe group that hired a boat to try to stop the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean. Fortunately, the far right ship suffered numerous difficulties and, ironically, requested help from a German refugee rescue ship when ‘Defend Europe’ stuttered in its aims, following mechanical failure.




GI originates from France and has  links with the far right in the UK and the US,  as noted by Searchlight magazine,  eg on Richard Spencer, here. Though small, it has spread across Europe, claiming to represent “indigenous Europeans” and spews forth the far-right conspiracy theory that whites are becoming a minority in what it calls the “Great Replacement”. GI held a short banner drop on Westminster Bridge recently, in line with its flash mob tactics and is looking to recruit from among the various, scattered forces of the far right.



Moreover, as Searchlight recorded in 2013, an Austrian activist, Markus Willinger, spoke at a conference organised by Traditional Britain, a far-right group, in London. He carried a GI flag, and his speech in London was aimed at bringing GI to the UK.


Anti fascists will be opposing Sellner’s unwanted presence, at Speakers Corner, from 11.30am, onwards. Materials for the Stand Up To Racism march, in London on March 17th, will also given out , details of the anti fascist bloc here,

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