Tuesday 6 March 2018

Updated – No to fascist Jobbik Leader, Gabor Vona speaking in London, this Friday – UAF statement

The notorious fascist leader of Hungary’s Jobbik, Gabor Vona, has been invited to speak at King’s College, London, (KCL) on the Waterloo campus, this Friday, March 9th.
Jobbik is one of Europe’s most successful fascist parties. It has 24 MPs, three MEPs and is second in the opinion polls, in the run up to April’s elections.


Many people at King’s College have asked the college to cancel the meeting. Since the news was revealed to UAF by an anti fascist last night, Tuesday, anti fascists, members of KCL staff and students at KCL have campaigned to get KCL to cancel the booking. One lecturer tells us that KCL claim not to have heard about Vona’s meeting. KCL’s governing body is to be informed, as we write about the proposed meeting.  Obviously, all concerned want KCL to do the right thing.


Staff at KCL have told us they had ‘numerous’ calls and emails, requesting that Vona is barred from speaking. All anti fascists are urged to, politely, contact Kings demanding cancellation. See https://www.kcl.ac.uk/aboutkings/principal/contact.aspx


Jobbik has led violent pogroms against the Roma. It has seen members assault refugees trying to seek sanctuary in Hungary.
Jobbik’s Hungarian Guard is a paramilitary unit which has often attacked anti fascists and minorities. The ban on the Guard has seen many ex Guard members operate under another name.


Jobbik claims to have ‘modernised’ but at its core is a fascist message aimed at Roma, muslims and all who oppose its reaction.
Next month Hungary goes to the polls. The reactionary, right wing party Fidesz, is being challenged by Jobbik, who have pushed Fidesz into aping some of Jobbik’s views.


There can be no place for fascists, in Hungary or on our campuses. Please support this peaceful picket and say, ‘No Platform for fascists’. The last time Jobbik attempted to hold a central London rally, they were curtailed by anti fascists, http://uaf.org.uk/2014/01/jobbik-in-london-nowhere-to-run-nowhere-to-hide/ Details for the picket are here, https://www.facebook.com/events/956273077869053/



Statement here- The leader of Jobbik, the Hungarian fascist party, Gabor Vona, plans to speak in London this Friday, March 9th. He wants to drum up support among London’s Hungarian community ahead of April’s elections, in the country



Vona will use his visit to push islamophobia and continue to admire the Hungarian fascists who murdered Jews. Jobbik now advocates shooting asylum seekers attempting to cross into Hungary.


His speeches have been replete with attacks on Jews, Muslims and refugees. We need to remember the lessons of history. No platform for Nazis on campus!
UAF is calling a counter protest on Friday. We are urging all anti-fascists and anti racists to join us. It is vital we denounce this meeting of hate and oppose any lash up of Nazi parties across Europe’.

Please sign, circulate and share.

Anti fascists are organising an anti fascist bloc on the Stand Up To Racism march on March 17th, event page, here, https://www.facebook.com/events/956273077869053/

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