Wednesday 28 March 2018

Oppose far right Generation Identity conference

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Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is putting a call out to oppose the forthcoming far right, European conference, hosted by Generation Identity (GI), in London. We are united with other anti fascists in our opposition to this gathering of the fight right on 14th April. Currently, details of the venue are yet to be announced by GI.



GI are a notorious, shadowy group who particularly use the internet to spread anti Muslim and anti refugee propaganda. Originating from France, their co founder, Martin Sellner was barred from the UK recently. The Home Office stated it has the right ” to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.” They have a strategy of trying to recruit from affluent students on campuses.



Sellner had aimed to speak at the youth wing of UKIP, earlier this year, but anti racists in the area concerned (Milton Keynes) got the booking cancelled. Sellner, led the Defend Europe group that hired a boat to try to stop the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean. Fortunately, the far right ship suffered numerous difficulties and, ironically, requested help from a German refugee rescue ship when ‘Defend Europe’ stuttered in its aims, following mechanical failure.



GI has links with the far right internationally, as noted by Searchlight eg. Though small, it has spread across Europe, claiming to represent “indigenous Europeans” and spews forth far-right conspiracy theories that whites are becoming a minority in what it calls the “Great Replacement”. GI held a short banner drop on Westminster Bridge recently, in line with its flash mob tactics and is looking to recruit from among the scattered forces of the far right. They made a short set of speeches at Hyde Park, recently, where known fascists provided security.



UAF Joint Secretary, Weyman Bennett, said, “Generation Identity originates from the youth wing of the anti muslim, Bloc Identitaire. Activists are and were eager supporters of the fascist Marine Le Pen campaign.  In Germany, the movement is called Identitäre Bewegung (IB). Both units use the Greek letter lambda in their logo, used by the Spartans in their war against invading Persian armies in the fourth century BC.

They wish to emulate the far right across much of Europe. Their poison must be challenged and challenged by all who detest the far right”.



Their conference is an attempt to present a platform for far right hate speech and build support for GI. We ask trades unionists and campaigners to organise against GI’s conference. An event page is here,
Please share the page and invite friends.

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