Monday 9 April 2018

We are Dollis Hill, London, No nazis here – vigil

Local anti fascists, in Brent, North West London, reacted quickly, yesterday, on spotting several nazi symbols and assorted graffiti, polluting a local street.



Lucy, who discovered the graffiti, said, ‘I’m horrified to see my Jewish neighbours targeted in this way. Anti-Semitism is real on the far right and we won’t tolerate it in Dollis Hill’. A local councillor joined Lucy and others and soon they had removed all trace of the filth.  The councillor has reported it to the police as a hate crime.



Anti fascists, locally,  remember “that in the days of the Anti Nazi League, when the Holocaust Memorial in Gladstone Park was vandalised.  The Anti Nazi League organised a march to it from Willesden Green Station. About 150 people took  part at short notice”.


Given events across Europe concerning the far right, with Jobbik, the fascist party in Hungary now being the main opposition to the newly elected racist, Orban government, locals were keen to oppose any instance of racism. There is a vigil to be held tomorrow, in the area, Tuesday evening, details here

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