Monday 9 April 2018

We Are Walsall/UAF demonstration sees off rump EDL in Black Country

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Below, Labour councillors and Valerie Vaz, MP

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The rump of what’s left of the fascist English Defence League were in Walsall, last weekend. Less than 100 of them turned up for their national demonstration. The pretext for the racists’ unwanted arrival was over terrorism and child sexual abuse. Few in the town were fooled by the EDL’s attempt to turn anger over such issues onto muslims and many passing by anti fascists opposing the EDL, expressed voluble opposition to the EDL.



The EDL were allowed to pitch up in the centre of Walsall, despite having rioted in 2012, locally. (Over 30 EDL supporters were eventually jailed for various offences). Walsall Council leader Sean Coughlan joined others to condemn the fascist presence. The EDL were placed by police opposite anti fascists; unsurprisingly, EDL thugs attempted unsuccessfully, to try to attack those opposing them. As local councillor, Doug James said: “ I witnessed three cans being thrown and one person was struck on the arm. Fortunately they are ok”.



We are Walsall members, alongside UAF members had worked hard in the week to ensure a good turnout. Nearly 150 locals joined the counter protest, hearing speeches and music. Chants of ‘nazi scum’ rained down on the EDL, who were joined by some Football Lads Alliance supporters from Stoke. Ex BNP thug, Alan Spence, ran the EDL’s operation. Former leader, Crossland, below, appeared, but kept his distance from fellow fascists.

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However, neither of them spent time in each other’s company and Crossland tried mostly to argue with anti fascists, for which he was treated with the contempt he deserves. Tension was evident on the day, dating from this earlier fallout,



Outside of the North East and the West Midlands, the EDL have tiny support. Their whole ‘event’ lasted less an hour and was marked by the usual insults to muslims and drunken abuse. The Football Lads Alliance has virtually swallowed up the EDL. Saturday was a collection of thugs who, fuelled on islamophobia, keep repeating the march and grow strategy, but are going nowhere.



Credit to anti fascists in Walsall who ensured the EDL went home with as little support as they came with. The EDL are threatening to appear in Telford on May 12th, watch this space.

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