Wednesday 30 May 2018

Oppose far right march for Tommy Robinson, London June 9th

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Supporters of fascist and English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, have said they will march in London on Saturday 9 June.

Robinson and his supporters have a history of racism and islamophobia, and have many links to fascist organisations. Before leading the EDL, Robinson was in the fascist BNP. Now racist groups like the Football Lads Alliance and the ‘Democratic’ FLA,  are promoting a day that will see racists and fascists rally in favour of Robinson. Below is an example of a leading DFLA member’s hysterical take on events,

 dfla member re robinson



They want to use the fact that Robinson has been jailed as an excuse to spread their racism and hate.
Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism have called a counter protest on the day.Event page here,

Robinson of course, committed contempt of court, outside of a court, whilst on a suspended sentence. In the process, he could have jeopardised the outcome of a highly sensitive trial of men accused of sexual abuse.

Robinson made clear that he was aware of the restrictions during the Facebook Live video, as well as the possibility of being  jailed. Robinson has a history of violence and far right activism from the BNP  to the present day. He has links with far right figures, internationally, eg PEGIDA in Germany and the far right in the US, the so called, alt right.


Robinson organised a series of islamophobic EDL demonstrations across Britain, which involved racist chanting, violence and Nazi salutes.  In June 2017, Robinson attacked an Asian male at Ascot Races.


 Robinson spoke for the far right, Generation Identity co founder, Martin Sellner, in Hyde Park recently, which saw ex EDL members join forces with the far right, FLA.





Robinson organised an anti-muslim demonstration in Manchester, last  June, in an attempt to exploit the horrific terror attacks at the Arena, in order to scapegoat Muslims. At the centre of that were fascists who have been members of groups such as the National Front and BNP. Anti racists and some Sikhs giving food to the homeless were threatened by Robinson’s followers.
The far right, from the street movements such as the DFLA and what’s left of UKIP, are seizing on Robinson’s sentence to rebuild. All who abhor the far right must unite and come together to show our opposition to the attempt to come back by very dark forces.

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