Thursday 7 June 2018

Unions rally to oppose far right London march that supports fascist Tommy Robinson

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The postal workers union, the Communications Workers Union (CWU) and the rail and maritime workers union, the RMT, have this week circulated letters to branches encouraging support against the far right demonstration in London, this Saturday, June 9 (CWU letter above). Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have called for all who oppose the islamophobes and fascists who support the jailed fascist, Tommy Robinson to assemble near Downing St, this Saturday, event page here,



This follows support for SUTR/UAF from Labour shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott. Other backers for SUTR/UAF include union general secretaries such as Mark Serwotka from the civil service union, the PCS, Mick Whelan,  ASLEF Gen Sec • Ian Hodson, BFAWU National President, Mohammed Kozbar, Finsbury Park Mosque,  David Rosenberg, Jewish Socialist Group •  Rev Steven Saxby •  Maz Saleem, Stand Up To Trump and GMB Race.




All of the above and others have signed this statement, rejecting the far right’s attempts to come back over Robinson’s imprisonment.




Geert Wilders, the notorious Dutch islamophobe, will join other far right figures such as Anne Marie Waters, and her former friends in UKIP, at the London rally and march for Robinson. Robinson was jailed last week for 13 months for being found in contempt of court.



He had broadcast an hour-long video to Facebook outside Leeds crown court, making comments that risked the collapse of a trial, which still has reporting restrictions placed on it.



Last week there was a violent street protest in Leeds in defence of Robinson following his imprisonment. Known far right thugs were alongside football hooligans in chanting ‘Muslims off our streets’. The London far right demonstration has been called this Saturday for Robinson’s release. They ignore of course, that he pleaded guilty. Thousands of racists and far right activists say they will attend. It has the potential to gather the kind of forces we saw at Charlottesville in the US a year ago.



RMT members, such as below, like other trades unionists are sending a delegation to the anti fascist demo.Image result for rmt anti fascists

Their former leader was of course the late and much missed Bob Crow, a brilliant anti fascist.



There are two other demonstrations in support of Robinson in York and Newcastle, this Saturday. UAF/Stand Up To Racism are opposing both, details here, Saturday 9 June, 11am, York Minster, YO1 7HH. Protest in Newcastle – assemble 12 noon, Grey’s Monument.



There is also a vigil in Leeds over the attacks this week on a mosque and a gurdwara,–

This is on Sunday 10 June, assemble 2pm, Cross Flatts Park, Beeston, LS11.




The ‘free Robinson’ (sic) demo is partly being co ordinated, it is thought, by Raheem Kassam. He was former editor-in-chief of Breitbart News London, and chief advisor to UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. He is a far-right, anti-Muslim, ex marketing director of the Henry Jackson Society.



Kassam is seen by many as key to shifting UKIP to the right during the 2015 general election. He also has close ties with the ex Trump chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Bannon has recently been on something of a speaking tour in several European capitals. He has been described as ‘on a far right mission to radicalise Europe’. He also appeared alongside the fascist, Marine Le Pen, in France, this March.




Clearly, a wide constellation of forces, from street thugs to those like UKIP and Wilders think now is the time to relaunch the far right in this country. All who wish to see our multi cultural society not be pushed back, as the forces backing Robinson desire, should be in London if in the South East, or York and Newcastle, accordingly. We urgently need to keep broadening the ranks of anti racists and anti fascists.

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