Wednesday 25 July 2018

Italian neo fascists distribute leaflet at London religious festival

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A group of neo-fascists descended on the most popular Italian religious
festival in the UK distributing leaflets among the crowds.


The festival, centred around St Peter’s Church in London’s Clerkenwell
district, the old ‘Little Italy’, has been running annually since the
1880s and attracts thousands of people.


Among the black-clad group wearing the ‘Vortex Londinium’ logo on their
t-shirts, one stood out sporting the number 88 on his back. Neo-Nazis
use the number 88 as an abbreviation for the Nazi salute, ‘Heil Hitler’.


The Vortex Londinium group was set up in London in March this year. It
presents itself as the UK offshoot of CasaPound, the Italian fascist
organisation that has spread its tentacles in all major cities in Italy.
It now aims to build an international network using London as a starting


It is not clear how the black-clad members of this group were allowed
access to this catholic religious festival, the largest gathering among
the Italian community in the UK, but it is obvious from the set of
photographs released through the Vortex Facebook page that they were
free to distribute  propaganda leaflets mixing with the crowds
without any hindrance.


“CasaPound received a warm welcome” wrote one of the group’s
representatives. The truth of this is difficult to tell, coming as it does from the fascists themselves.


Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister and key member of the far right League party, now sharing government in Italy, has opened up space for CasaPound. The League’s anti immigrant and anti Roma stance has emboldened fascists such as CasaPound to try to rehabilitate Benito Mussolini and all that he stood for.



UAF thanks Italian anti fascists who are monitoring the situation and alerted us to this. Italian fascists based in Britain will be met with strong opposition if they try to openly organise.

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