Monday 3 December 2018

Oppose fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ & UKIP in London – unite against racism & fascism

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Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Stand Up To Racism are marching with many others on a demonstration against ‘Tommy Robinson’ and UKIP, on Sunday, December 9th.See here for Facebook event page,


The demonstration is for all anti-fascists, regardless of their positions on leave/remain on Brexit, and the day’s focus is opposing ‘Tommy Robinson/UKIP  fascism and racism.
The counter demonstration will assemble 11am at the BBC, Portland Place, and march to Whitehall.


Join us on Sunday 9 December to say #NoRacismNoFascism and stop this fascist seeking to exploit May’s crisis to build his far right street movement. We have to come together to stop him!


Robinson has a history of racism, Islamophobia and membership of the fascist British National Party. He of course founded the English Defence League and has made links with fascists and far right politicians from Geert Wilders in Holland to the Front National in France.



Recently, he had to withdraw remarks made concerning the appalling inflicted on a Syrian refugee, at his school. Robinson and UKIP are in an unholy alliance and want in 2019 to build an electoral presence, alongside a vicious, far right street movement. Nigel Farage, of all people, has said if UKIP’s leader, Batten continues to promote Robinson, UKIP will become the new BNP.




No one should take lessons from Farage of course, someone whose career has been built on racism and xenophobia. Trade unions like the rail workers RMT, muslim groups like the Muslim Association of Britain and Democracy for Brazil are among those joining anti fascists.



Speakers include Matt Wrack from the Fire Brigades Union, Kevin Courtney from the teachers NEU union, Unmesh Desai from the London Assembly and Nita Sanghera from the UCU. Robinson, still on trial for contempt of court at the Old Bailey, thinks he and UKIP can emulate the far right, seen elsewhere in Europe. Anti fascists are determined to ensure this is not so.

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