Monday 28 January 2019

Analysis/far right round up – Fake ‘yellow vests’ fail to stop anti racists/Far right ‘Bookfair’ cancelled/UKIP lash up with DFLA continues











Last weekend, a notorious far right figure, James Goddard, above, led a small group of far right supporters in an attack on Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) members in Manchester city centre.

Goddard, former friend of fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’, has been subject to police attention following he and his gang’s intimidation of Anna Soubry MP and journalist, Owen Jones, in Westminster, recently. On Saturday, as leaflets were distributed by SUTR supporters for the March 16th UN anti racism demonstration,  Goddard and others, tipped the SUTR information table over, targeted a female muslim activist and threatened violence.
The SUTR campaigners refused to let this thuggery stop them and carried on, with support coming from shoppers. A statement is being circulated by Manchester SUTR and a solidarity day for Saturday February 2nd organised, details here,
As one of the SUTR members said who witnessed the far right’s actions, “We were not intimidated. We stood our ground, and people stopped to back us. Many left details wanting to get more involved”.
Also on Saturday, Vinnie Sullivan and friends tried to intimidate staff at Bookmarks bookshop in central London. Sullivan and co had to leave, quickly.
This is the latest incident involving Sullivan’s targeting of the well known bookshop. Following a far right incursion last summer at the shop, large numbers of authors and activists rallied round in solidarity,
Sullivan has links to a number of extreme right outfits. Bookmarks, like last year, will stand firm against such fascist bullying.
On Sunday, 27th January the Fascist ‘Bookfair of the Right’ (Targi Książki Prawicowej w Londynie) was to be held at the White Eagle Club, Balham, in South London. Among speakers were those with links to Britain First and the far right in Poland.
On sale would have been fascist literature on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Local activists, from many groups, eg Momentum, Stand Up To Racism and UAF, put pressure on the club to withdraw the invitation to the far right. A counter demonstration to the hate event was planned by many. Wisely however, the organisers of the club pulled what would have been a very unwelcome occasion.

white eagle club
Unfortunately, for far right figures, this news on Saturday afternoon, came as speakers from Poland were boarding their planes to come to the UK.  They spluttered their distress on Twitter, but anti fascist Poles in the UK welcomed the news that such a gathering had been curbed.
Polish neo nazis have been active in several parts of Britain of course, eg, in Liverpool in recent years, which resulted in jail sentences for fascist organisers,
Elsewhere, far right, fringe elements who are donning yellow vests, in a pathetic attempt to emulate the  French Yellow Vest (“Gilets Jaunes”) demonstrations failed on their few outings this Saturday, eg below50947211_2539862726041084_3679084980211810304_n, in Cardiff.

Sullivan, before his provocations at Bookmarks, was at a small gathering of far right, ‘yellow vests’, at Trafalgar Sq, in their weekly stunts, in London. (The French movement has had from its inception elements of the far right trying to grow within the protests, but they have been run off on several occasions in Paris and elsewhere. Paris this weekend saw a vicious attack by around 50 fascists on the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA), left party. A group of 50 fascists ( from the Zouages) attacked the NPA several times).




A similar attempt to attack anti austerity demonstrators was made at the People’s Assembly rally in Trafalgar Sq, recently,



Far right figures also intimated they would harass pickets from the RMT rail union in Hull, on Saturday. The two fascists who tried to do such, soon were on their miserable way and pickets, joined by anti fascists held a successful strike, below, 50931782_2001399499956891_5875641073405001728_n





As has been chronicled on this site the far right aim to intimidate and silence key figures in the RMT and frighten its members. This is due to the union’s long standing, active anti fascist work. Many will remember the consistent and tireless activity of the late Bob Crow, concerning anti fascism. Crow’s excellent work is carried on by the union, at all levels, something that is most welcome.



Democratic Football Lads Alliance lash up with UKIP

This weekend saw the latest attempt by failing UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, to shore up support for the party. He attended what the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) called their AGM, pic below, dfla 2019 - batten


A normal AGM would include resolutions from branches, democracy at all levels of the organisation, regional and national input, reports and debates from leaders and the rank and file, and so on.

However, of course, the DFLA meets none of these norms, seen for instance, in trades unions and other campaigning bodies.



Bizarrely, the far right group claim they will, among other things, hold focus groups – the mind boggles. The DFLA claim they are growing and plan a number of activities. Their trajectory of far right violence is well known. Several times have they targeted anti racists and trades unionists, and writers like Owen Jones. Thus, their claims to hold an anti racism day will fool no one, but the most gullible.



As UAF revealed on here, recently, a central organiser was quite happy to take the applause of a former organiser for the nazi BNP,

So much for the DFLA’S anti racism. This below, is from the group’s members only wall.

dfla 2019



That Batten is unashamedly putting his weight behind the DFLA, has already seen former leader, Nigel Farage lead many away from UKIP. Batten’s desperate gamble to work with football hooligans such as the DFLA may yet see him become history, in time. Despite the Brexit crisis and Batten’s admiration  for ‘Tommy Robinson’, UKIP is still a minor player and has lost much of its appeal to many former UKIP voters.




Moreover, as several former key players for the DFLA have said, the group have gone from holding a march of 10,000 in October 2017 to a far right “rump, composed of extreme elements”, today.

The statement that many of their days of action will “not be advertised on their (Facebook) pages is a sign that the flash mob nature of such actions will be small scale and potentially, violent. Their efforts to rebuild among hooligans at clubs has not gone unnoticed by anti fascist football fans. This is one reason why the Football for all bloc, on the UN anti racism march on March 16th, matters,


Batten, the DFLA and the fake yellow vests all cross over on various events and stunts. Despite their efforts, the person who can bring them together as a more cohesive force is currently reluctant to march at their head, ‘Tommy Robinson’. Robinson’s court case at the Old Bailey still beckons, though he is as reckless as ever, only last week intimidating a Scottish National Party MP, in the latter’s constituency.



All this adds up to an uneasy mix for the far right. Anti fascists will continue to be on guard and urgently build up our forces to oppose the far right, in all its forms.

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