Thursday 10 January 2019

News & Analysis – Far right feel the heat after thugs target MPs and journalists in Westminster

Far right supporters are coming under pressure after their harassment and intimidation of MP Anna Soubry and journalist Owen Jones, has received widespread condemnation. Many were reminded of the atmosphere whipped up by UKIP and others in 2016. Certain politicians and a right wing press intensifying a campaign of racist scapegoating and a toxic narrative of hate, were factors that shaped the murderer of the late Jo Cox.



A notorious thug, James Goddard, who has been harassing journalists and MPs outside the Houses of Parliament in recent weeks, said last year that he wanted to “ban Islam from the west”. Goddard has organised self-styled “yellow vest” activists outside parliament calling for Brexit. He has been on film  saying that Islam should be outlawed in Britain.




Goddard had  created a profile by posting live confrontations on Facebook whilst asking for donations to fund his activities. However, after  calls from the Speaker of the House, John Bercow, as well as from more than a hundred MPs for a stronger police response after a group including Goddard surrounded Soubry as she entered parliament, his PayPal and Facebook pages were removed.




Goddard’s fundraising page on the Patreon website, on which he described himself as a “political activist” and asked for donations, has also been shut down.

Last September, Goddard debated Islam with Jaffer Ladak, the imam of a mosque in North London. Goddard claimed that the estimated 2,000 mosques in Britain “shouldn’t be there” and he would “get rid of them”.

Goddard said: “I wouldn’t blow them up. If I ever got into power I’d give you all £5,000 to £10,000 and ask you to leave. I don’t believe that Islam should be in the west, no. This is a Christian country.”




Anti fascists came across Goddard when he and a small group of goons tried and failed to disrupt last November’s Stand Up To Racism/UAF Unity march, in central London.Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Goddard was also involved in fractious scenes outside Leicester City Football Club’s ground before a game, late last season. On being asked who he and his friends from the so called Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) were collecting for he subjected a young woman to verbal abuse. His unofficial collecting was brought to the attention of club stewards and he was moved on.



As some perceptive commentators have said, such behaviour from Goddard and his motley crew, often targeting women, is part of the fascist psyche. He and his friends in the DFLA  have made their intentions clear that all manner of anti fascists, MPs such as Diane Abbott and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, are on the far right’s radar.



DFLA supporters intimidated and invaded a left wing meeting in Leeds this week. The now declining group’s recently posted list of ‘wrong uns’ ie people who attracted their ire includes Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, alongside anti fascists. Veiled threats surround this posting and anti fascists will be wise to take such talk seriously. Stand Up To Racism and supporters have been crucial in breaking the growth and momentum of the DFLA.


Goddard has also been to various towns such as Scarborough and Sunderland, in his effort to ingratiate himself with ‘Tommy Robinson’.

However, he has apparently been rebuffed by Robinson and thus the former is looking to shore up activists for his small but vicious campaigns.



Goddard has spent the last 24 hours whinging on various social media forums, berating everyone but himself for his misfortunes. Goddard once looked to join the far right Britain First group; his bullying and misogny would be at home in the obnoxious unit.


UKIP Leader Batten’s launch in Wigan flops

Some 70 anti-racist block Kipper Batten

The far right have had a poor week. UKIP leader Batten, embroiled in controversy over his unfettered adoration for Tommy Robinson held a meeting in Wigan which was outnumbered by locals who have no time for the racist party.



Stand Up To Racism members  organised an emergency protest against a public meeting with Batten in the Greater Manchester town.

Over 70 people joined in —while Ukip had less than 30 people inside.  Labour MPs Lisa Nandy, Jo Platt and Yvonne Fovargue and the RMT and CWU unions and Wigan trades union council, all supported the protest.


Batten has tried to revive the fortunes of the racist populist Ukip party by building alt right figures, such as Robinson . He has spoken at far right rallies and called on fascists and racists to join UKIP. Batten has been linked with James Goddard.


As UAF reported, far right figures who want to steal the soul of the ‘yellow vests’ movement, intimidated striking RMT members in Manchester, last weekend. There is a solidarity picket this Saturday, in Manchester,



When the far right try to organise locally, anti-racists must be ready to oppose them, as in Wigan. UAF is working to get a strong anti fascist presence on the SUTR national demonstrations in London, Glasgow and Cardiff on 16 March. The day is an opportunity to build a stronger, militant anti-racist movement. Details here,

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