Thursday 17 January 2019

No to Nazi Marion Maréchal Le Pen at the Oxford Union!

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Oxford Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism is appalled that the Oxford Union has once again shown its willingness to invite extreme right-wing, racist politicians to speak. French Nazi Marion Maréchal Le Pen, former National Assembly member for the fascist National Front (now National Rally) is due to speak at the Union on Tuesday 22nd January.


The invitation to Le Pen is especially disgusting since it is scheduled during the run up to Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January. The National Rally party in France is well-known for its extreme anti-Semitism. Founding member and beloved grandfather of Marion Maréchal, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has stated on many occasions that the Holocaust was just an insignificant detail of the Second World War.




Like her aunt Marine, who leads National Rally, Marion Maréchal is a vicious Islamophobe. She believes that Muslims can only be regarded as French if they follow a Christian culture. She once stated that the most Muslims in France support jihadists. She is believed to be politically close to her Nazi grandfather.


Disgracefully, the Oxford Union has a history of inviting leading figures from the far-right – Steve Bannon, Marine Le Pen, Tommy Robinson have all been given a platform in recent years. This is incredibly dangerous at a time when the far-right are on the rise.

Fascist thugs around Tommy Robinson in Britain can only take confidence and legitimacy from this. We have already seen a growth in anti-Muslim sentiment that fascist groups have organised around. Only last Saturday, of course, journalist Owen Jones and anti austerity marchers were attacked by Democratic Football Lads (sic) Alliance members,




This leads directly to violent attacks. The monitoring group “Tell Mama” noted a surge in Islamophobic attacks, with 1,201 in 2017, a rise of 26% from 2016. Of the victims six out of 10 were women. We call on the Oxford Union to cancel the invitation to le Pen to speak. Recently, a campaign locally resulted in the far right, AfD leader pulling out of an event at the Union,

We also urge all anti-racists and anti-fascists to join the protest to demand that we keep Nazi Le Pen out of Oxford. See details here: 



We also invite the citizens of Oxford to visit the “Never Again – Lessons of the Holocaust” educational exhibition from 19th-26th January in Oxford Town Hall. Opening times: 10-5pm Saturdays, 10-6pm Monday – Friday, Closed Sunday. There will be talks taking place across the week. See .

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