Monday 14 January 2019

UKIP allies in the DFLA gloat about violence at People’s Assembly rally last Saturday

Last Saturday, as UAF reported, members of the so called Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) linked up with the remnants of the nazi terror group Combat 18’s ex members, to attack marchers on the People’s Assembly demonstration. Some of those with the DFLA have been identified as part of the aging Chelsea Headhunters, football hooligan group. At least 3 were believed to have been  involved in the fascist riot in Dover in January, 2016.





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Guardian journalist Owen Jones was also subject to disgusting homophobic abuse and an attempted assault by thugs. Stewards ensured his safe passage away from the demonstration. Sickeningly, a key figure in the DFLA, has gloated about the attack on what they falsely (and knowingly for their own, cynical reasons) claim was a Stand Up To Racism march, below.



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hickin owen jonesDFLA and UKIP

Hickin is a central figure in the DFLA and known as a former Tottenham Hotspur hooligan. He is closely linked to UKIP’s current leader, Gerard Batten. In Sunderland last year on a DFLA march, at which Batten spoke, Hickin stopped reporters questioning Batten about his appearance with the DFLA. As above, it’s clear what Hickin’s attitude is concerning  the vile behaviour to Owen Jones. Other images in UAF’S possession contain appalling abuse of Jones by Hickin and various DFLA members.


It is strongly hinted at in Hickin’s remarks, above, that that had it not been for those on the People’s Assembly demonstration stopping far right attacks, alongside the police presence, there may have been more serious incidents resulting from DFLA actions. There is also a near recognition that the DFLA is not what it was by Hickin’s remark that there are no marches planned in the foreseeable future. This could change, of course, depending on series of factors.




It is legitimate to ask what Batten makes of such an ally’s behaviour. Several days before Saturday, Hickin posted an ominous message online as regards the demonstration. He then received congratulations, from among others,Danny Warville.


It should be noted that the Danny Warville, replying to Hickin was the fascist British National Party’s Epping Forest organiser. Once again, the DFLA ‘s claims to be anti racist are revealed for the lies they are.


hickin warville 2


Saturday was the latest in a series of attacks by the DFLA on the left and anti racists. Last October, for instance, a group of DFLA members were repulsed after aiming to attack people leaving the Stand Up to Racism national conference. Danny Tommo, real name, Daniel Thomas and organiser of recent ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ was also involved in the violent attack on peaceful campaigners in Trafalgar Sq, last weekend. He and other so called ‘yellow vest’, far right activists linked up with open fascists.




This reflects DFLA members frustration at having gone from their peak of over 10 000 marching in October 2017 to a much smaller, hardcore , fascist rump (see below). As previously focused on here and elsewhere, the DFLA split from the Football Lads Alliance, after accusations internally of  financial mishandling of funds were levelled at FLA founder, John Meighan. Anti racists stripping away of the mantle of respectability the DFLA have craved for,  in the wake of terror attacks and horrendous child sexual abuse cases, have helped to lessen the DFLA’S appeal.




Problems for Batten

As well as his links with the DFLA, Batten may well face a leadership election in his troubled party. Resignations and fierce criticism from ex UKIP leader, Nigel Farage over Batten’s admiration for fascist Tommy Robinson, are increasing the pressure on Batten. Fall out from the Brexit crisis is what Batten is banking on to save his position, as part of a wider move by the far right.



It’s clear that the DFLA’S turn to attacks on the left must be viewed as in the context of a currently, declining street force, that has had inbuilt tensions within from its inception in June 2017. Subjective factors such as the stripping away of its attempts to present itself as inclusive and unlike previous and current fascist street movements have been critical. Stand Up To Racism, UAF’S sister organisation, laid much groundwork and it has been encouraging to see key figures across society and group’s like Show Racism The Red Card, speak out against the FLA/DFLA.




The DFLA are down but not out. They know, more than ever before, any possible future for them relies on ‘Tommy Robinson’, who is still facing a court appearance at the Old Bailey. For now their lash up with UKIP has seen no great gains for UKIP electorally or for the DFLA at street level. The March 16th march called by Stand Up To Racism and backed by the Trades Union Congress,  around UN anti racism day, assumes greater importance in the fight against the far right, details here,


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