Friday 15 February 2019


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MPs, Trades Unionists and brother of Arena Attack victim support statement
A statement supporting a counter-demonstration – against far right leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ in Salford – has the backing of politicians and trades unionists across the North West.
Anti-racist groups Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Stand Up to Racism (SUTR) have called the counter-protest, after Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – has announced that he will be holding a protest, against the BBC, at Salford Media City on Saturday 23rd February.
Yaxley-Lennon is to be the subject of a forthcoming Panorama programme.
The UAF / SUTR statement says ‘..we support the protest – organised by Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism – against Robinson’s rally at the BBC in Salford on Saturday 23rd February.’
The statement backing the UAF / SUTR demo is already supported by seven North West MPs: Barbara Keeley, Angela Rayner, Andrew Gwynne, Cat Smith, Mike Amesbury, Kate Green and Kate Hollern.
Dan Hett, the brother of Martyn Hett, a victim of the attack on Manchester Arena in 2017, and co-founder of Survivors Against Terror, is supporting the UAF/SUTR statement.
It also has the backing of North West Regional Trades Unions and Regional Officers from unions including: the FBU, GMB, NEU, PCS, UNISON, Unite the union and Lynn Collins, Regional Secretary of North West TUC.
Salford Unison have just put out this statement encouraging support for the protest,
Paul Jenkins, North West Regional Organiser, Unite Against Fascism, said:
‘We are asking as many as people as possible to attend the Unite Against Fascism/Stand Up to Racism protest against Tommy Robinson’s demonstration at Salford Media City, 11.00am, on Saturday 23rd February.
Tommy Robinson is a fascist who was a member of the BNP, founded the EDL, and has marched with anti-Semitic fascists in Poland. He is trying to whip up racism, and is now trying to attack media workers and trades unionists.
The UAF/SUTR demo has the backing of a number of regional trades unions and others – join us with your Union/organisation members, bring your Union banners, to say ‘Never Again’ to fascists like Robinson.’
Weyman Bennett, Joint National Secretary, Unite Against Fascism, said:
‘Robinson regularly consorts with far right individuals like Steve Bannon who seek to divide Muslims and Jews, black and white, and often support violence to further their aims.  Journalism that lifts the lid on Robinson, his funding and his violent racism is welcome. We should not allow the fascist Tommy Robinson to be “normalised”. He’s not a journalist or an “activist”.
He is a far right thug who looks to rip up our diverse society and promote dangerous divisions within it.  It is important we stand together and defend our democracy against the far right.’
Signatories to the statement supporting the protest against Tommy Robinson in Salford include:
FBU North West Region;
GMB North West & Irish Region;
NEU North West Region;
Lynn Collins, North West TUC Regional Secretary;
Kevan Nelson, UNISON North West Regional Secretary;
Sharon Hutchinson, Regional Women’s & Equalities Officer, Unite the union North West;
Claire Jones, Political Officer, PCS North West Region;
Paula Barker, UNISON North West Regional Convenor;
Dan Hett, Brother of a Manchester Attack victim and co-founder of Survivors Against Terror;
Barbara Keeley MP;
Angela Rayner MP;
Cat Smith MP;
Andrew Gwynne MP;
Mike Amesbury MP;
Kate Green MP;
Kate Hollern MP;
Peter Middleman, North West Regional Secretary, NEU;
Mark Rowe, North West Regional Secretary, FBU;
Neil Smith, Regional Political Officer, GMB North West & Irish Region.

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