Friday 15 March 2019

Far right murderers’ vile Islamophobia at heart of New Zealand massacre

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Face of fascist bile



A self declared fascist took part in horrific mass murder of innocent muslim worshippers at two mosques in New Zealand, overnight.


Brenton Tarrant was one of a cell that murdered nearly 50 Muslims—and injured over 20 more—when he attacked believers in Christchurch on Friday.

He live-streamed footage onto social media of him shooting men, women and children at close range in the Al-Noor mosque.



Tarrant published a “manifesto” shortly before the shootings.

He declared himself an “eco-fascist” most inspired by Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s.


Tarrant also referenced the Finsbury Park murderer, Darren Osborne. Osborne was found guilty of driving a van into worshippers outside Finsbury Park mosque in north London in 2017. Tarrant referred to Osborne as a “partisans/freedom fighters/ethno soldier”. In court, it was revealed that Osborne was influenced by ex EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon. ttps://



Tarrant claimed to have “brief contact” with Nazi mass murderer Anders Breivik “receiving a blessing for my mission after contacting his brother knights”. Some of  the hate that shaped Tarrant is examined here, ttps://



There has been an international feeling of revulsion and shock at this outrage. Millions have expressed solidarity online with those affected by this fascist terrorism. Vigils such as at Finsbury Park tonight, are happening in a number of cities across New Zealand and Europe.



Some of those condemning the Christchurch attack praised Tory former foreign secretary Boris Johnson. He faced no sanctions for writing that Muslim women who wear the niqab look like “letter boxes” last summer.


Mohammad Kozbar, Finsbury Park Mosque and Muslim Association Britain, said:
“We are all shocked by the news from New Zealand. Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims
and their families during this incredibly difficult time, and also with the entire Muslim community in
New Zealand. We are all united against those cowards whose aim is to divide us and spread hatred,
fear and division.”



The Islamic Human Rights Commission in Britain said, “The horrific terrorist attacks on innocent worshippers in two New Zealand mosques this morning is the inevitable outcome of the rampant Islamophobia that has been whipped up globally by politicians, far right activists and the media.

“Whether it is Tommy Robinson, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump or the Daily Mail, together they have created an environment of hate in which anti-Muslim rhetoric flourishes and in many cases incites people to commit acts of violence.

“Indeed Islamophobia has become… normalised in western societies that politicians and pundits increasingly use it as a dog whistle to woo supporters”.



Weyman Bennett, UAF joint secretary criticised politicians who have pushed racism against Muslims. “The ‘hostile environment’ has created these monsters and we need to stand in unity against them, and in solidarity with the Muslim community and all those that face the threat of the far right.

“That’s why we are marching on 16 March around the world against racism and fascism. Join us on the streets in London, Glasgow and Cardiff”. Details here,


Sabby Dhalu, UAF joint Secretary said, “We are deeply saddened by the despicable far
right terrorist attack leading to mass murder of innocent Muslim worshippers in New Zealand. Our
thoughts are with those killed and their loved ones. We are also appalled that some politicians
seek to blame Islam for this crime. This underlines why we must robustly stand up to Islamophobia,
in solidarity with Muslim communities. We will be paying our respects to those affected by the attack
at tomorrow’s UN Anti-Racism Day demonstrations in London and across the globe.”

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