Thursday 7 March 2019

Far right ‘Tommy Robinson’ to face contempt of court prosecution

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Stephen Yaxley Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, ex leader of the fascist English Defence League, will face contempt of court proceedings for filming outside during a grooming trial last year. He could face up to two years in jail, if found guilty.



Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC has decided it is in the public interest to bring proceedings against Robinson.

The contempt of court case was referred to the Attorney last year, by Nicholas Hilliard QC, the Recorder of London.


Cox said: “After carefully considering the details of this case, I have concluded there are strong grounds to bring fresh contempt of court proceedings against Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson).

“As proceedings are now under way, it would not be appropriate to comment further and I remind everyone that it is an offence to comment on live court cases.”



Robinson will appear before a judge at the High Court in London on March 22.



Robinson filmed himself outside Leeds Crown Court during an ongoing grooming trial in May last year.

The case was subject to reporting restrictions at the time.

He was arrested and contempt of court proceedings were brought against him for the filming which was broadcast live on Facebook.



He pleaded guilty to contempt and was given a jail sentence however a subsequent application to the Court of Appeal was successful and the conviction was quashed with Robinson released

Robinson now serves as a political advisor to UKIP leader Gerard Batten. The former recently held a demonstration near the BBC in Salford, Manchester. The BBC Panorama programmer are investigating Robinson over a number of issues.


Robinson has become a rallying point for the fascist right, here and abroad. He is set on emulating the far right across Europe and is a great fan of Donald Trump.


The last week has seen Facebook and Instagram remove his online wall. He has also been served with a legal letter seeking to sue him for defamation, over the case of a young Syrian refugee who had been attacked at school.  Members of the public donated £10,300 to help fund the legal action against Robinson.



Robinson in response, live streamed two visits by himself to a journalist’ house twice, overnight on Monday. Mike Stuchberry, who suffered such intimidation has written about this powerfully here,


Twenty four hours later, Robinson posted online that the journalist should “expect a knock at the door”. Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has just urged YouTube to “reconsider their judgment” over hosting Tommy Robinson videos.



Anti fascists have expressed in large numbers their support and solidarity for Mike Stuchberry, who like others, has written passionately about the far right. He recently spoke at the Stand Up To Racism/UAF demonstration opposing Robinson and his ilk.


To undercut the far right, anti fascists are working flat out to ensure the March 16th UN anti racism day march is a success, details here,

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