Monday 4 March 2019

Press Release: UAF Scotland comments on the axing of Mark Meechan from BBC Scotland’s upcoming programming

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Unite Against Fascism Scotland comments on the axing of Mark Meechan from BBC Scotland’s upcoming programming 




In response to the recent decision of BBC Scotland to axe the appearance of far-right ‘comedian’ Mark Meechan on one of their programmes, following a widespread backlash, Unite Against Fascism Scotland have released the following statement from our Chair, John McFadden:




The  original decision of BBC Scotland to provide a public platform for the far right “comedian” Mark Meechan recently convicted of a hate crime desecrating the memory of the many millions murdered in the Nazi holocaust was truly shocking, despicable and nauseating.



It appears that he had been selected to appear in a programme focused on allowing him to introduce controversial topics and air his extreme and clearly offensive far right views. This may be some shallow BBC producers view of entertainment but it is yet another example of the unforgivable normalisation of the extremist views of the far right by the BBC. We have had to suffer the BBC parading the islamaphobic and racist views of far right demagogues such as Nick Griffin, Steve Bannon and the so called Tommy Robinson on our screens recently. 



This latest example was even more appalling and at a time when hate crimes, racism, anti Semitism and anti-Muslim hatred are becoming endemic, has to be resisted and prevented.



The BBC as a public service and licence fee payer funded broadcaster has a special responsibility not to legitimise convicted hate crime extremists and Unite against Fascism joins with all right thinking people and politicians who took action to remind them of their obligations and prevent this latest inflammatory provocation.



Only the public outrage denied this platform and prevented the unnecessary and unforgivable distress that this would have caused to  aging holocaust survivors and their families and saved our public discourse from plumbing new depths of depravity.

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