Monday 25 March 2019

This Friday – Oppose ‘Tommy Robinson’ & UKIP – don’t let the racists divide us

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On Friday, in central London, there will be a counter protest against the far right who are trying to capitalise on the Brexit crisis. The details are here,

UKIP have called a ‘Make Brexit happen’ rally this Friday 29 March in Whitehall and claim that fascist Tommy Robinson will be speaking.

Far right UKIP and Robinson are trying to build out of the government’s Brexit crisis. But this protest is not about Brexit, it’s about spreading their far right message.

UKIP and Robinson are out to promote the politics of racism and divide and rule, we have to stop them. Robinson ex leader of the violent English Defence League, is now working hand in glove with UKIP’s leader Gerard Batten.


A fascist recently murdered 50 muslims in Christchurch New Zealand. Six mosques have been attacked in Birmingham and Islamophobic hate crimes have spiked here since that attack.


Robinson and UKIP are promoting a vile Islamophobic, racist agenda, along with their violent friends in the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA).

They want to create a far right street movement and build support for UKIP off the backs of the Tories Brexit crisis.

Robinson is a fascist with links to the racist and fascist right across Europe. He is funded by Alt-right groups in the US and received personal support from Trump’s ex Chief of staff Steve Bannon.


Whether you voted Leave or Remain, let’s not let the far right set the agenda and divide us. Please spread the word about this protest.

All anti racists and anti fascists must come together and unite against the toxic hate. More details TBC.

Please watch this website for information about Friday, alongside SUTR and UAF’s Facebook and Twitter sites.

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