Monday 1 April 2019

Anti fascists to campaign against Far right ‘For Britain’ after racist rally in Essex

Below, with revealing number plate, fascist Eddy Butler with goons.

Anti fascists in Loughton, on the outskirts of London, reacted with anger on hearing that the far right group, ‘For Britain’  held a small meeting at the Loughton Old Club, on Sunday. Tipped off by Searchlight magazine and an intrepid anti fascist , anti racists ensured that the hate merchants visit didn’t go unnoticed by locals.



Those speaking at the sordid and deliberately private event included failed UKIP leadership candidate, Anne Marie Waters. Waters of course, has a long history of far right activity and is among those who back fascist Tommy Robinson.  The meeting was kept ‘below the radar’ for fear that concerned citizens locally might wish to do what happened in Lewisham, last year,






Also in attendance, we understand, was Tony Lecomber, a former BNP official, and well known for his various, nefarious activities, eg




Former friend of ‘Tommy Robinson’, Lucy Brown, also spoke on the supposed violence of left wingers. Brown was part of Robinson’s team, until he sacked her last year. She has claimed she is not far right, but spends time harassing anti fascists online and now pontificates with the likes of Butler and For Britain. It’s clear, that alongside her associates in the far right Generation Identity group, Brown’s views are toxic and islamophobic.


The turnout was around 30 individuals, from across London and the South East. For Britain clearly see Loughton and surrounding areas as a place to establish a base from. They have leafleted several times in the area , albeit with a small number of activists.
Spearheading operations is Eddy Butler, above. Butler has an equally vicious past behind him.  He first came to prominence in the early 1990s when he was BNP area organiser in Tower Hamlets. Butler led the racist  ‘Rights for Whites’ campaign.  A former friend of fascist Nick Griffin, before he fell out with the British National Party, Butler also ran for some time with the fascist terror group, Combat 18. The latter soon tired of Butler.
This was not before Butler had been involved in a horrific attack on Anti Nazi League supporters in the early 1990s. A large group of thugs, including a number from Combat 18, with British National Party officials orchestrated the assault. Butler was central to it all.  Though arrests were made, all who were involved in the attack escaped justice.


Anti fascists are organising to ensure that any electoral intervention by For Britain is met with broad based opposition. Trades unionists and others have a long history of effective and principled resistance in this part of the world and will step up to the challenge again.


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