Monday 29 April 2019

Fascist Tommy Robinson cancels Salford Quays hate day, but Manchester anti fascists rally


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Below, this man wants your vote…

Yesterday, Sunday, at short notice, anti fascists rallied in Salford Quays, Manchester. They were there as part of the campaign to stop fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon, being elected to the European Parliament. Robinson had vouched to be there to rally supporters. He didn’t show. As the picture above, posted on Twitter from Saturday night exhibits, he was clearly the worse for wear. ‘Tired and emotional’, ie hungover, ruled him out on Sunday, it would appear.  Anti fascists are hoping such behaviour will not be lost on those beyond his hardcore base, who may just be tempted to vote for the racist thug.



Ameen Hadi, from Salford City UNISON and Stand up To Racism, said to anti fascists in Salford: “The reason why we have to take this threat seriously is that, unfortunately, we have a history in the North West of Nick Griffin and the BNP managing in the past, on a low turnout, to become elected representatives and we do not want a Nazi representing us in the European Parliament.

“We don’t want a Nazi to claim that he is somehow popular, and we do not want the growth of the far right in this country like in Europe. We need to do everything in our power to encourage people to vote. Whether you’re Leave or Remain you might have misgivings about what is going on in the political system but if there’s any reason to vote in the European elections this is the reason; to stop someone like Tommy Robinson getting elected”.




Amin went on, “We should not take this lightly. 132,000 votes saw Griffin elected so we need to make sure everyone is campaigning to stop Robinson getting elected. We know that they start with minorities but we also know they will come for all of us eventually. That is what fascism is. We need to mobilise everyone to get the message out, to vote on 23rd May to make sure Robinson doesn’t get elected.”




Salford Labour Councillor, Sam Bellamy, reiterated this: “I’m proud to have grown up with a Muslim community, I’m proud to have grown up with all the communities we have in Salford”. “Tommy Robinson is in the wrong place, we’re proud of our heritage here and to vote for him would be a vote for a Nazi. Don’t vote for him and get him out of our city.”




North West MEP, Julie Ward, argued: ” Robinson has no place in our community. His politics of hate are a total anathema to everything we believe…We’ve got four weeks to spread the message, to make people understand the power of their vote. This time round it is not an option, we have to make sure that everyone gets out to vote”.



Anti fascists in the North West have got off to a good start in their opposition to Robinson. More can be found about the SUTR/UAF camapign to see Robinson fail at*F

MESSAGE US at if you’d like to help the campaign.

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