Friday 26 April 2019

NEWS/Analysis – Anti fascists start mission to stop ‘Tommy Robinson’ becoming an MEP as UKIP’s far right racism spews out

Fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon, said yesterday that he is running in the European elections in the North West of England.

He aims to gather momentum from far right supporters and benefit from the government’s Brexit crisis.
Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) are organising to keep him out of the European parliament. Weyman Bennett, UAF joint secretary, said, “Tommy Robinson is the most dangerous fascist in this country.

“He has spent his time terrorising Muslim communities for the last ten years and he is also a threat to all black and Asian people.

“The former British National Party (BNP) member wants to take the same seat that his former leader Nick Griffin had.

“They are both of the same ilk and should be stopped.”


Sabby Dhalu, UAF joint secretary said: ‘Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is using the Euro elections as a platform to promote racism and Islamophobia. ‘During these difficult times with the country divided over Brexit, we call on the people of the North West to reject this toxic politics of hate and use their vote to stop him getting elected as an MEP.’


SUTR and UAF are calling for unity among Leave and Remain supporters against Robinson. They held a short rally in Manchester to announce the start of their campaign. Among others, regional officials from Unison and Unite the Union attended and spoke.
Local anti fascists will use lessons learnt from the successful effort in 2014 to kick out nazi, ex BNP leader, Nick Griffin.




Robinson had hoped to stand as part of Ukip’s list after party leader Gerard Batten made a turn to openly working with fascists and the alt right. The party’s lead candidate in the South West is alt right YouTube personality Carl Benjamin—aka “Sargon of Akkad”. Today (Friday) UKIP’S South West chair resigned over Benjamin still being a candidate.
However, UKIP refuses to drop Benjamin who repeatedly used vile racial slurs including the n-word. He repeatedly used the words “n****r” and “spic” in a since-deleted 2015 video.




The vlogger also repeatedly described two people as a “fag” and a “retard” and used an apparently anti-Semitic meme in the clip.

And he said it was “just f***ing fine” to describe an Asian woman as a “chink”.
Batten was unable to push through a rule change to allow former members of the fascist BNP and English Defence League to join Ukip.



Meanwhile Robinson who was appointed as Batten’s personal “special adviser” on child abuse, held an open air ‘rally’ in Wythenshawe, Manchester, last night. Around 250 attended. Robinson immediately fell foul when his attempt to distribute free burgers was stopped by police. They told the thug to stop as he was potentially violating electoral law by bribing voters. He was introduced by ex UKIP leadership contender, Anne Marie Waters. Waters who backed Robinson yesterday leads the far right sect, Britain First.

Waters who has fallen out with ex UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, heard Robinson berate Farage for ‘selling out’. “I admire what Farage achieved in the past, but he’s terrified of talking about issues like the Islamification of Britain”, he said. Anti fascist sources say that her glad handing of Robinson has angered several in For Britain, who are vexed that Waters is spending too much time with Robinson.


Robinson also singled out Cheadle Mosque in Manchester, which has attracted previous far right hate. The mosque was constantly attacked by Robinson last night for its connections with MEND (Muslim Engagement and Development). Cries of ‘scum’ were made around such comments, with Robinson creating an ugly atmosphere.

A muslim local resident who witnessed Robinson yesterday, told anti fascists, that she felt “scared” by the latent islamophobia on display. Given the problem’s with the screen Robinson hired and the potentially libelous remarks made concerning MEND, (they were called “radical jihadists”) the tone of his campaign is clear; anti muslim racism dressed up as an appeal to disenfranchised communities in an attempt to scapegoat minorities. His supposed ‘working class hero’ stance is meant to put him in stark contrast to politicians and the ‘corrupt establishment’.


The attacks on MEND mirror Robinson’s allies in the far right internationally, such as Geert Wilders, the AfD and others. The islamophobes of the Henry Jackson society are extremely critical of MEND and some of Robinson’s words could have come straight from their website.


Earlier, the minister of Brownley Green Methodist Church advised residents that his church was not supporting the event. He also offered anyone who felt intimidated by the event to take refuge in the church and a ‘peace march’ was held.


Wythenshawe MP Mike Kane, Councillors Tommy Judge, Madeleine Monaghan and Tim Whiston issued a statement condemning Robinson.
Farage’s new Brexit Party, made up of former Tory and Ukip members, is gaining support and undercutting UKIP. Robinson aims to capture votes even further to the right by spearheading Islamophobia.


UAF and SUTR are engaging with a host of broad forces, across the North West and elsewhere to see huge anti fascist mobilisations against Robinson.




*Thanks to particular anti fascists for help with this.

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