Saturday 20 April 2019

Oppose fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ at the High Court – May 14th

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Anti fascists heard today, Saturday, that fascist ex EDL leader ‘Tommy Robinson’, aka, Stephen Yaxley Lennon is to appear at the High Court, in London, on Tuesday May 14th.



The far right ally of UKIP is to face charges that could see him face up to two years in prison after the attorney general ruled he should face fresh contempt of court accusations.


Geoffrey Cox concluded it was in the public interest to bring new proceedings against Lennon, over a video he recorded outside a grooming trial at Leeds Crown Court. ‘Robinson’ has previously been at the Old Bailey over this case, last year, where black shirted ‘security strutted around a stage outside court where Robinson ranted,



Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up To Racism are calling on all who detest Robinson’s poison to demonstrate on the day he is in court.



Robinson also is talking of a ‘major announcement’ to be made in Manchester, this coming Thursday. This may yet be a bid for standing in the European elections. Robinson of course, can’t stand for UKIP, as his ex BNP membership precludes this. UKIP, as shown at their press conference last week, are happy to flaunt far right, misogynistic candidates,

UAF locally are keeping a close watch on what Robinson is saying.



Robinson of course, has suffered a number of setbacks recently, as Facebook, Twitter and others, have taken down his and other far right pages. Though this has hit Robinson to a degree, wealthy backers have rallied round and his supporters are following him on other media, though not in the numbers he previously maintained.



There can be no complacency though. Robinson is the central figure head for the far right in the UK. Though UKIP leader Gerard Batten dearly wants to see him stand as a UKIP candidate, any electoral effort by Robinson as a supposed ‘independent’ must be taken seriously.

Financial and other resources would flow into an election for Robinson, should this be the case.  UAF, with our allies, will do our utmost to see any moves by Robinson are challenged on the doorstep and elsewhere.

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