Tuesday 9 April 2019

Oppose the fascist English Defence League in Wellington April 13!

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The rump that is the English Defence League (EDL) claim they will hold a protest in Wellington (Telford) on April 13.
Why, they do not say.
They are a shadow of their former selves, but continue looking to grow from the islamophobia that stains the UK and elsewhere.


The EDL is run by former British National Party thugs from the North East who want to prolong their toxic group.
Locals in Telford have several times recently helped ensure the EDL get the welcome they deserve. We ask all who reject their fascist hate to join us for a peaceful protest. Please share the event page, below and invite your friends!  https://www.facebook.com/events/2293743880861812/



Last Saturday, some EDL members were visible on the fascist, ‘North East Frontline’ demonstration, only to be outnumbered by anti fascists, uaf.org.uk/2019/04/press-release-geordie-anti-fascists-with-local-mp-humble-fascist-goons-in-newcastle/



Few in Wellington want the EDL here and let’s again make that clear on April 13!

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