Saturday 6 April 2019

PRESS RELEASE – Geordie anti fascists with local MP humble fascist goons in Newcastle

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From Unite Against Fascism & Stand Up To Racism members in Newcastle.


‘Today over 300 of us stood in unity against around 30 fascists from the Northeast Frontline Patriots. The latter are open fascists. This motley crew split from the English Defence League. They are a mix of various ex EDL splinter groups, and include among them, nazi Blood and Honour, National Front and Britain First thugs. The so called Democratic Football Lads Alliance are also linked to the ‘Patriots’.


Despite the attempts by our Muslim sisters and anti-fascists  to occupy the Monument in the city centre, police shamefully handed over the monument to the fascists.

Shelia, a lady in a wheelchair, who has been fighting racism for over 60 years, refused to move from the monument in a brave act of defiance, despite being threatened with arrest.



When she was eventually persuaded to join the main demo, she was received with applause from the entire crowd.

Well done to all involved, including Ravers Against Racism, who drowned out the fascists’ racist rhetoric with music.

Today was a proud day for the people of Newcastle. Today we stood in unity against racism and fascism.




Simon from North East UAF said, “The diversity and vibrancy of Newcastle and the North East was out on the streets standing against Fascism. Northumbria Police having seeded the Monument to the North East Patriots harassed a group of Muslim women and sisters to enable the fascists a platform. They then served a public order notice on activists from SUTR/UAF  and others to move or be arrested.



The high point of the counter demo was fascists being surrounded on three sides by counter protesters. Their ramblings fell on deaf ears as no one stopped to listen to them. The MP for Newcastle Central Chi Onwurah was faced with a line of Police horses as she described how Newcastle is a united community with no place for this division.



The fascists were outnumbered by 10 to 1. It proved again that if we stand up for our communities others stand with us in solidarity. At the end of the demonstration a fascist picked up a chair and attempted to attack our protest, they had put calls out not to be violent but yet again their brown shirt mentality was revealed. No Pasaran!”.



Despite their efforts, the far right in the North East remain fractured. They had hoped to be in large numbers, in the midst of the Brexit crisis and repeated efforts to grow in size in the North East. Anti fascists have faced a war of attrition locally over recent times but continue to ensure the fascists have not not significantly increased their base in the region. All credit to those in SUTR and UAF who continue to deepen roots across the North East, in the fight against racism and fascism.



A DFLA march in Sunderland last year was addressed by UKIP leader, Gerard Batten which many of those today with the far right, attended. Anti fascists fended off three attacks that day, last year.



It is an open secret that fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ may be funded by a North East businessman to stand in the region, should European elections take place this May. This was a step forward against anti fascists and the cheers and confidence from those who outclassed the far right today, will invigorate anti fascists against efforts by UKIP, electorally.

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